Vox Media on Tuesday has launched Meridian, a new standalone digital content brand that is fully funded by the advertiser, Chase Saphire Reserve.

The new travel-focused property, which will feature a website and content produced for Facebook and Instagram, is being underwritten by Chase Sapphire Reserve.

There is a consistent trend occurring in which many digital publishers are relying on the production of branded content on their own websites, blogs, and social media, in order to generate advertising revenue. However the issue of scale and developing the right partnerships from a paid advertising front.

Jim Bankoff, chairman, and CEO, Vox Media has emphasized the effective use of data-driven storytelling on multiple platforms, for the purposes of building brands.

“We are a company that builds brands through story,” said Bankoff, who added that this strategy has helped Vox Media become one of the fastest growing media companies in the U.S. and, powered by data, “we can use those same capabilities to help marketers with their brands.”

Meridian has already released a series of Japan destination articles, photos, and videos, and its strategy is to feature a new destination every month, as it builds up its audience.

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