What State of Digital Publishing is All About

State of Digital Publishing is a startup market research publisher, producing a publication and community for digital media publishing professionals, content and media owners,  in new media and publishing technology.
Our mission is to discover and foster sustainable digital media publishing models.

We create news, educational content and research and provide consulting that help working develop digital media publishers and editorial marketing professionals develop their skills, advance their careers, gain better insights and achieve audience development results.

We serve our industry by providing a community and place of practice where professionals can learn, contribute and connect with one another.

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Our Team

Vahe Arabian
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Rebecca May
Editor & Content Specialist
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Sanja Bodiroga
Project Management & Podcast Production
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Saida Ayupova
Community & Partnerships
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Abdelrahman Elshiekh
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Alaa Elsayed
Frontend Developer
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Our Thanks

These are some of the people and organizations we’d like to thank for supporting SODP. Your contribution drives our efforts and makes this endeavor possible.

Andrey Tarantsov. NativeAI. Jessica Allen. Annie Quenneville. Karthik Balachander Venkatesan. Liam Handford. Ellie Ashery. Jeremy Olshan. Muzaffar Mustapa.Yvette Dimiri. Jim Robinson. Bibblio (Mads Holmen & Robbert van der Pluijm).Content Insights- (Em Kuntz, Mia Comic & Goran Mirkovic). Scott Kritz. Melissa Chowning. Veronica Magan. StoryChief – Valeri Potchekailov. Get Social – Joao Romao. Keith Sibson. Chelsey Health. Jared Spears. Tina McCorkindale. Dan Rua. Gordan Topalovic. Wallkit – Piers Fawkes & Tim Rohovets. Saida Ayupova. Sanja Bodiroga. Sarika Garg. Small Biz Trends – Anita Campbell. Vanessa Wojtusiak.

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