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These days, too many digital publishing professionals are buried in reading and guesstimating their efforts or are very hidden in executing extremely successful initiatives for their companies. It is also safe to assume that the transition to online is now well underway, so there isn’t a need to explain the benefits anymore.

So how do we continually evolve in becoming the best digital/digital media publishing professionals?

It comes down to what you are trying to do for your audiences and sharing this with your colleagues whilst credibly backing your work and results with data.

Hi, I am Vahe Arabian, and I made the State of Digital Publishing go live in 2014 (but actually started working on it in October 2016), to actually try to help myself and other’s like me who are trying to understand the state of play in digital publishing, because as a  definition, digital publishing has become more complex with different industries and professions blending this function into their job role.

The role of a digital publisher in one company vs. another is never the send, and it is therefore up to us to make our role its own, no matter whatever level you may be at.

State of Digital Publishing as a platform is here to help you with learning and self-growth through:

  • Teaching others
  • Gaining more personal experiences from other professionals and vendors
  • Providing a clear definition and examples of the industry at large
  • Finding industry specific opportunities – collaboration, career, case studies
  • Forcing you to develop your own objectives and measures of professional success
  • Helping you continue to develop your passion and motivation to do greater things for your audience/s.

State of Digital Publishing can improve every day because people like you are guiding this mission in ways I never would have considered. If you have any suggestions for how I can improve State of Digital Publishing, please let me know at vahe@stateofdigitalpublishing.com.


To your success,