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At the core of nearly every company today, regardless of industry, is digital marketing. Many digital publishing professionals are very secretive regarding the disclosure of their case story successes. Digital marketing has become increasingly more complex as nearly all industries have integrated it into their permanent business structure. With the transition to online apparently well underway, many digital publishing professionals are consumed with statistics showing the effect of their efforts

But how do we continually evolve in becoming the best?

Many digital publishing companies today place primary focus on issues such as digital transformation or disruption. Marketing disruption only works if it expedites growth by increasing your importance to your customer. Rather than wasting time trying to solve issues that either don’t exist or should be considered a very low priority, we should be looking for solutions that are connected to each individual business’s growth. A more productive focus for global digital publishing now is to consider how to sustain and stimulate subscription media and digital publishing businesses.

Hi, I’m Vahe Arabian. I started State of Digital Publishing in 2014 and began working on it in October 2016. I started by trying to help myself and others understand the complexities of digital publishing because as a  definition, digital publishing means something different to everyone. At State of Digital Publishing, our mission is to help join today’s media and publishing professionals with their target audiences. We accomplish this by bridging the gap between current MarTech solution providers and professionals.

State of Digital Publishing is here to help you learn and grow through an array of opportunities:

  • Teaching others in need of assistance
  • Gaining personal experience from professionals
  • Defining the industry as a whole
  • Finding new media and digital media technology information, news and opportunities
  • Developing personal objectives geared toward professional success
  • Aiding in firing your passion to do even greater things for your target audiences.

I have been working very hard to make sure that State of Digital Publishing stays at the forefront of the modern digital publishing industry, by giving our audience more time back to work on what really matters – monetizing content and/or growing reader relationships. I have been hosting a podcast, running AMAs, and building a Slack community to provide real-time messaging to provide everyday support. I have been publishing interviews and long-form guides for the purpose of education, as a part of our subscription program. This year, we will increase our focus on news in an effort to reveal more startup and existing MarTech solutions for the media & publishing industry.

We are in a continual state of improvement at State of Digital Publishing. This is largely due to our community, who constantly impress me with their selfless efforts to help others succeed. I simply could not continue to progress without their drive and passion. Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the way State of Digital Publishing serves its audience. I can be reached at: vahe@stateofdigitalpublishing.com

To your success,


P.S. please find our privacy policy details here.

Our Community & Thanks

State of Digital Publishing is more than a source of news and analysis on the ever-changing world of digital publishing. It’s a community. Our platform facilitates discussion on the latest trends, common challenges, and creative solutions. We share our wins and offer tips on overcoming obstacles. These are just a few people and organizations we’d like to thank for supporting SODP. Your contribution drives our efforts and makes this endeavor possible.

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