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Being a part of the SODP Community has made a real impact on my problem-solving at work. From bouncing off paywalls solution ideas to thinking about an SEO strategy for my paywall, it’s the most value-adding professional community I’m a part of.
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Yvette Dimiri
Head of Audience Engagement, StearsBusiness
SODP has helped me connect with like minded colleagues in the digital publishing space. From their Slack channel to having demos with potential partners, it’s been great!
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Pete Ericson
Founder, Zeen101
I was able to get valuable insights on my project within minutes from people who had real experience. Better yet, I was able to cite the data and insights they shared many times to company leadership over the course of the project.
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Amanda Saeli
Product Marketing Manager, MIT Review

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Creating a Data Ecosystem Built on Consumer Trust

The increased scrutiny on third-party cookies, mobile device IDs, and IP addresses has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to continue delivering meaningful experiences to consumers. As a result, publishers


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Digital Accessibility With Don McCoole

Don McCoole, Vice President of Sales Engineering at Ntooitive Digital, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing, about digital accessibility. Ntooitive is a digital advertising and

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