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Grow your digital media/publishing CAREER in the context of COMMUNITY.


You’re tired of being talked to.
You constantly get bombarded with emails from vendors and other professionals on proposed solutions. Take the opportunity of partnerships and traffic exchanges you can arrange to better cater and grow your audience or content performance.

INSIGHTS that make a difference

You’re looking for industry advice.
Thrive in your career from State of Digital Publishing’s curated resources or access to expertise from the community when you need it!

IDEAS that make money

You’re feeling stuck and kinda pissed off.
Get ideas and real-time feedback on your work, advertising, marketing tactics, and sales efforts from professionals who know their stuff, on your own terms.

Connect with your peers, learn from the pros, and start making a difference for your audiences... faster.

Get private access to working pros

Digital publishers need each other. Let’s thrive together.

CONNECT any time

A resource that fits your life.
Connect with publishers in real time, whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can jump into a conversation day or night.

USE any device

Pro advice at your fingertips.
Collaborate with photographers using your computer, tablet, or phone via Slack.

GROW your network

A platform to expand your world.
Build your professional community by engaging with digital media publishers from around the world. An alternative to industry events and the pitfalls of market bias.

Chat with industry pros

Participate in regularly scheduled AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat events. Get insight and ideas on the latest digital media technology, discussions & trends.

Cut the crap. Get the advice you need.

Stop hunting the web for training resources that miss the mark. Cut to the chase and ask a question or join a conversation in a topic-driven channel.


Find out latest technology developments and operation efficiency methodologies.


See worked shared by others, State of Digital Publishing or general industry news.

#audience development

Improve multi-platform targeting strategy.


Go old school and talk about event recaps or organize meetups in your local area.


Discuss online marketing tools, tactics, and case studies.


Share the love. Say Hi. Ask for—or offer—help.


Talk money and take the pain out of client pricing.


Get feedback on how you can improve your workflow and content performance.


Get ideas about tools you can use in your daily role. Discover digital media tech startup companies.

Bonus resources for digital publishing and media professionals


for the beginning of the week.

At the beginning of a work week, you need more than a strong cup of coffee. Besides a good chat, have something to listen to, such as our newly released podcasts. We’ll notify you as soon as it goes live.

Downloadable AMAs

within 72 hours of a live event.

Ask Me Anything events are live chat discussions not to be missed, but if you can’t participate—because you’re working or whatever—you won’t miss out. After each event, we’ll provide members a downloadable PDF highlighting the best of the best.

Resource Library

packed with training and tools.

Members share digital products (like eBooks, tutorials, worksheets, and software) with their peers because they’re cool and/or they’re hoping for some feedback. State of Digital Publishing is constantly developing curated lists in order to benefit its members.

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