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    Attract, engage and retain audiences by using sustainable publisher search engine optimization (SEO) solutions

    Develop a Roadmap

    Understand where your site has been, where it’s going and how to move the needle. Let us provide the blueprint for SEO success.

    Target Readers, Listeners and Viewers

    Discover strategies for producing and optimizing news content that hook the audience.

    Increase Organic Performance Baseline Over Time

    Publish articles that continually grow your organic traffic and monetization.

    Growing a digital media property becomes more complicated every day.

    Let State of Digital Publishing manage your SEO strategy, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

    What Publisher Clients Say

    Experienced publishers here to help

    Editorial and audience development teams are on the front lines of SEO, often without proper skills and training.

    In digital publishing, the content itself determines how well optimized for organic search a story is. Even after you launch your story, it can continue to be improved, maintained, or redirected to keep new visitors coming.

    Using the topic pillar and cluster approach, our solutions for SEO for Publishers take a data-driven approach, ensuring your build website structure and stories with best practices in mind to improve performance over time.

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    The Topic Cluster Model

    This model organizes content pages to create a more structured and targeted site architecture. 


    This organizational strategy focuses on clustering related articles together around specific topics, rather than spreading loosely related or unrelated content across multiple pages of a site.

    Why the Topic Cluster Model?

    Google and other top search engines have changed their algorithms to favor content that is more topic-oriented.  This is because content clusters that are tightly woven around specific topics are easier for Google to locate and serve up in response to increasing  users’ queries, compared to content that is loosely organized. The result is easier search and indexing for Google, and better search results for users.

    Our Process


    We conduct extensive research to provide insights into current search trends and spend time understanding your niche.

    Content Strategy
    We create a proper SEO content strategy to boost brand awareness, improve internal linking, and encourage searchers to click, engage and become repeat visitors. We see high-value content as the key to audience-building and monetization strategies.


    Our SEO professionals conduct site audits in search of relevant content, external and internal linking, and technical problems that cost both traffic and revenue.

    Optimize for Engagement
    Our publisher SEO solutions are designed to help optimize website engagement. This translates into deeper insights, better content engagement and greater content distribution.

    Work With Us to Boost Visibility

    Publishers need to produce content every day, leaving little time to develop the in-house expertise needed to optimize said content for search engines.

    Optimization goes far beyond finding and including keywords, and also requires a blend of on-page, off-page and technical SEO strategies. 

    Even after a story has been published, it needs to be regularly evaluated for improvement, maintenance or refocusing.

    SODP is an industry leader in developing publishing SEO strategies. We provide digital marketing solutions to define and refine SEO strategies and maximize publisher revenue streams.

    Our editorial and technical SEO teams have decades of combined experience in boosting search engine results page (SERP) rankings, driving organic traffic, building brand authority and maximizing earnings.

    Our strengths in Google News SEO, information architecture and taxonomy, and content strategy and capabilities building — coupled with a data-driven topic pillar and cluster approach — will ensure the continued performance of your website and stories over time.

    Still, putting a strategy together? Let’s develop a content and SEO strategy that not only maintains value for existing subscribers but also appeals to a new, wider audience. 

    Keep Your Goals in Sight

    It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day minutiae of publishing. But don’t miss out on new partnerships simply because evergreen articles need to be refreshed and curated.

    Develop a plan and process to take your media property to the next level and beyond, and let State of Digital Publishing (SODP) help through proven editorial SEO services.

    Publisher SEO refers to the optimization techniques used by online publishers to increase the visibility and traffic of their content. It involves various strategies such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation to improve search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

    To excel at Publisher SEO, publishers need to focus on producing high-quality content that meets the needs of their target audience, while also being optimized for search engines. Additionally, implementing a strong technical SEO strategy can help improve website speed, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability, all of which are critical factors in search engine rankings.

    In summary, Publisher SEO is the process of optimizing online content for search engines to improve visibility and drive more organic traffic to a website. By implementing effective SEO strategies, online publishers can increase their website’s search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and ultimately grow their business.

    Unfortunately, SEO for publishers is usually an afterthought owing to heavy editorial workloads and the high volume of new articles that need to be published every day.

    Don’t worry.

    SEO is an organizational effort. Even after a story is published, its SEO performance can be improved, maintained, or redirected to engage and attract new visitors.