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We built State of Digital Publishing from scratch to where it is today. And we’ve done so using the same strategies and systems we help other digital publisher implement. Digital publishing is a demanding, dynamic world, but we help clients navigate the challenges to build sustainable media properties.

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Our Process

For publishers, SEO is the process of optimizing content to attract more readers for your stories—including both topical news events and evergreen topics. Editorial and audience development teams are on the front lines of SEO, often without proper skills and training. In digital publishing, the content itself determines how well optimized for organic search a story is. Even after you launch your story, it can continue to be improved, maintained or redirected to keep new visitors coming.

Our SEO for Publishers service takes a data-driven approach, ensuring you build site architecture and stories with best practices in mind to improve performance overtime.



SEO for Publishers






SEO for Publishers



SEO for Publishers

What Publisher Clients Say…

Don't lose sight of your goals.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day minutiae of publishing. But don’t force yourself to turn down new partnerships because you’re busy revamping your evergreen articles. Develop a plan and processes to grow your media property to the next level and beyond—and let State of Digital Publishing help.

On face value to many people, SEO might seem simple, because they use a blanket definition – a process of improving the relevancy of a website with keywords,  in order to align it with search engine users queries. But the fact of the matter is, the future of Google’s search is moving towards being a content discovery platform and how it assists a users journey due to the increasing percentage of content being found rather than searched. So with that, it’s about creating intelligent, connected and performing content and website using an underlying set of strategies. SEO in publishing is different than other industries because the web ecosystem naturally rates media and publishing sites as more trustworthy and linkable, placing a larger emphasis on content and technical factors. Google also offers content owners and digital media publishers a different range of verticals and tools for content distribution like AMP, Google News, Google Discover etc. which requires different optimisation nuances. Unfortunately, SEO for publishers is usually an afterthought due to editors work demand and the high volume of new articles needing to be published every day. Don’t fret. SEO is an organizational effort and with even after you launch your story, your content can continue to be improved, maintained or redirected to engage and attract new visitors.
There is a different range of technical and content requirements that can help your news website directly benefit your articles for being better optimized for Google News results in a timely manner, more of which you can find here. Original reporting is also being more emphasized, which is a positive sign for more niche publishers and departments focusing less on rehashing existing stories and competing on a level playing field. Different top-level areas many publishers and content focus can focus on is building evergreen content into their approach, refining and maintaining a clean site architecture and systems for better organizing their content i.e. tags and internal linking, and optimizing for mobile usability, AMP, page speed and Google’s knowledge graph using schema and wiki data. Make sure that you are conducting regular technical hygiene reviews, as this provides the foundation for consistent content discoverability and rankability. The search landscape and Google’s Algorithms are constantly changing, so contact the SODP team to help you with this process.

Simply put, SEO publishing with content marketing, results in a high ROI content strategy with engaging content that ranks high and improves in performance over time.

Rather than being keyword first or focusing on producing trending/social media derived news stories or articles that may or may not perform, you can combine your audience needs, backed with research, in order to produce content in the right format that will increase your baseline organic traffic, whilst creating a content strategy that’s aligned to your audience.

The planning and development of a data-driven content strategy is through the Topic Cluster model – a hub and spoke approach in organizing site pages in a clear site architecture, hyperlinking cluster posts/pages to a central topic page. 

From their experiment, HubSpot was quantifiably able to increase their:

  • domain authority from 40 to 60
  • weekly organic sessions 13% week on week
  • clicks from SERP for one keyword over 1,500%.  

Having planned editorial workflows for new topic creation based on trends and timely news, historical optimisation of existing articles for ongoing improvement and competitor content analysis is how you can effectively combine your SEO and content strategy.

State of Digital Publishing are experts in assisting digital media publishers to roll out an SEO content strategy directly for publishers or help develop the capabilities internally for larger-scale growth.

Understanding how content appears in Search for your content type and the topic of your page can enable a rich set of features for your page in search results, hence providing additional content distribution methods. 

The following enhancements include:

  • Google AMP for Google Discover, News carousel and mobile referral traffic
  • Podcast submission to Google Podcasts for podcast discovery from search
  • Featured snippet optimisation for local & voice search and evergreen content distribution on voice devices
  • Schema enhancements for recipes, paywall content, critical reviews and site links for site architecture
  • Knowledge graph submissions for enhancing branded search discovery and content discovery on health cards (particularly for the health niche)
  • Plus more… 

With searches increasingly becoming click less, adding schema to enhance the look of existing pages for higher click-through rate, which is an important aspect of ongoing content tweaking and performance optimisation.

The commitment varies depending on the stage in which your digital media publishing organisation is at, internal capabilities/resources and ultimately the allocated planned budget. Take advantage of State of Digital Publishing’s free strategy audit, and together we can work out the right solution of you. 

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