10 Twitter Bots for Media & Journalism

The intersection of social media and automation was an idea whose time was inevitable. The sheer amount of posting traffic measured against the limited number of hours available to interact per day forced social media account holders to find ways to stay engaged while saving time. Many turned to bots to help pull the weight…


Stuart Rock – Devoniaroad

Stuart Rock, Stuart is a multiple award-winning business editor and writer. Founder of Devonia Road Co-founder of Capsian Media and Editor-In-Chief of Business is Great is the latest digital publishing professional who provides insights into his daily professional life.


What is digital publishing?

What is digital publishing? You may think of it as Ebooks, or maybe blogs, but you’d be surprise as to the forms digital media, and digital publishing, can take. Digital publishing started with the Internet, but since then, it has grown substantially and has evolved into a a force that has taken on conventional publishing….

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