Rav Singh Sandhu has recently announced the relaunch of Market Mogul, to Mogul News as part of his efforts in building a more personalized news feed with vetted local writers and partner publishers.

Rav first started Market Mogul over five years ago, in London, as a financial, business, politics media site, with the mission of providing insightful financial news and informed perspectives. Over the past five years, he’s gone from being a university student to being the CEO of a 12-person media company with a 300,000 monthly user average audience (source: SimilarWeb). They’ve also shared that they have 3,000+ authors currently contributing to their newsroom and 5,000+ articles published that is all individually vetted by Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau (Chief Content Officer) and her team.

Having already received almost $500,000 USD in 2 VC rounds backed by Investec Bank, as well as private investors from Goldman Sachs, Zeus Capital, The Disruptive Group and others, Mogul News raised a further $965,000 USD in September 2017 from their Crowdcube fundraiser campaign and is looking to increase their monthly revenue to almost $500,000 USD with 40 clients.

As mentioned in another interview, Mogul News’ future plans are to expand their new platform into verticals such as fashion, sports, tech, and food.

The conversation about creating a Spotify like news model has been in the spotlight several times recently, especially as South-East Asian (with much more success) and Scandinavian companies take the lead in offering news aggregator products. Whilst the sustainability of this model has yet to be proven, Rav says ‘news has a profound impact on the world. It shapes the way everyone views and experiences their lives. It affects nearly every decision a person can make. It can change lives. It can move society forward. Or holds it back. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world where we could all read globalized expertise from local perspectives, and with it, change our view of the world, for the better?’.

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The State of Digital Publishing team wishes the Mogul News team the utmost success in tackling their big goals and mission.

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