What’s happening:

Guardian News & Media just announced the launch of Guardian Voice Lab, an small, in-house team that will create and test innovative ways to deliver audio journalism using Google Assist. The lab will explore new methods of delivering journalism using smart speaker devices to provide its audience with engaging and unique audio storytelling experiences, in the authentic Guardian voice.

Google has provided funding for the project, which is scheduled to run for six months to build on previous initiatives launched by Guardian, including Virtual Reality and the Mobile Innovation Lab.


Digging deeper:

Guardian Voice Lab will:

  • Strengthen The Guardian’s internal capabilities.
  • Strengthen its understanding of best journalistic practices on new and developing technologies.
  • Give the dedicated, multi-disciplinary team the time, space and resources to innovate with smart speakers and work out how journalism can thrive on the platform.
  • Aim to be a collaboration not only across The Guardian, but across the industry by sharing the learnings with readers and the wider media.

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