What is the deal about Reddit? The land of memes, trolls, karma points and a set of rules that seemed to be miles away from the grown-up world and completely forbidden to self-promotion and commercialization. Brands have tried to reach the younger generations that reign this platform and failed, like when in 2012 Businessweek and The Atlantic were banned for posting what was considered spam and often hiding under pseudonyms, trying to pass original content for something else. Users, as they often do, could see through that. And they were not happy.

But Reddit has gone a long way from that, adapting its policies and approaching companies in an attempt to gain a more powerful status in an ever changing digital advertising market. Today, there are quite a few cases of those who have ventured into this community and survived to tell the story— a successful one, full of entertainment, engagement and upvotes.

In the following lines, we will give some context of how Reddit transformed itself to provide more support for publishers and also detail some newsrooms that avoided the mistakes of the past and included Reddit in their strategy. We will see that when players understand the rules and are eager to play the game, getting to the finish line is not impossible.

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