What’s Happening: The open publishing platform, Medium, has been growing exponentially since its launch in 2012. Millions of people daily read the unique, thought-provoking stories published on Medium, and its growth has enabled it to implement Medium Membership, a subscription model that allows readers to access unlimited stories, ad-free, for $5 per month. Medium is now funding more content, commissioning stories from seasoned journalists, and introducing several new publications.

Why It Matters:

The open publishing format of Medium creates an equal playing ground for anyone with a perspective to share — and this content is available for anyone around the world to read for free. The best of these articles are curated and distributed to millions of readers each month. Medium’s in-house editorial team also commissions stories from celebrated writers and journalists, as well as discovering and promoting new voices. As readership and membership subscriptions grow, Medium is able to fund new digital magazines such as OneZero and Human Parts, with more in the works.


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