DoubleVerify (“DV”) (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced the industry’s first Publisher Inventory Compatibility Score (ICS) in DV Publisher Suite – empowering publishers to better understand how their content is perceived by advertisers.  ICS fuels optimization efforts and showcases inventory value to potential buyers. Unlike aggregate scoring models with opaque methodology and variables, ICS provides a clear way to analyze and communicate content compatibility.

“DV has long led the industry with innovative brand suitability solutions for advertisers, like our programmatic Authentic Brand Safety offering – but demonstrating and quantifying the premium nature of inventory to prospective clients has been a persistent challenge for publishers,” said Mimi Wotring, Senior Vice President of Publisher Sales and Client Services at DoubleVerify. “With DV’s new scoring system, publishers can now showcase the precise value of their inventory to digital advertisers and maximize their revenue yield.”

The ICS is determined by analyzing top DV advertiser brand suitability settings in comparison with DV publisher’s pages. The scoring takes into consideration comprehensive controls, including keyword avoidance and site and app lists, as well as content categories that are deemed unsuitable by the brands. By having a transparent understanding of settings selected by buyers, publishers will be able to better match inventory to specific brands.

The Inventory Compatibility Score will give publishers a sense of the attractiveness or suitability of their inventory to top-performing advertiser profiles at both the site and page levels. For each page, a publisher will be able to see their overall score as well as a breakdown of keyword, category and inclusion/exclusion compatibility. With transparency into under-performing topics and keywords, publishers can improve their content alignment and maximize fill rate and pricing.

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In addition, publishers can drill down into their score for each advertiser vertical. An ‘Advertiser Vertical’ chart shows the score for each vertical, while a ‘Category Suitability’ chart displays the distribution of suitable categories for the selected vertical. This feature can help publishers identify new sales opportunities by pinpointing advertiser verticals where content is most relevant.

“The ICS is more than just a score – it will transform how publishers market their inventory,” continued Wotring. “Amid a turbulent period for publishers, complicated by COVID and ecosystem disruptions, we are excited to help publishers showcase the value of their premium content to global advertisers and maximize their monetization opportunities.”

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