Kerel Cooper, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about email advertising. Kerel Cooper leads the marketing team at LiveIntent and works closely with sales, product, engineering, and customer success to generate leads and awareness. Learn from Kerel’s vast experience in adtech and martech, find out why the inbox is such an important frontier for digital publishing success and the ways in which LiveIntent enables their publishers to build their audience.


Episode Highlights:

  • Kerel Cooper provides an introduction to his life and work.
  • What made Kerel Cooper, move away from publishing to the adtech/martech side?
  • Is the shift from publishing to the tech side becoming a more common adaptation?
  • What have publishers been speaking about lately with clients?
  • Focus at LiveIntent has been more on growing subscribers and audiences.
  • How does Kerel approach growing subscribers?
  • What is Kerel’s opinion on free newsletters versus paid newsletters?
  • What are the common knowledge gaps towards acquisition versus retention?
  • Have publishers started with LiveIntent and still gone back to social media?
  • How has LiveIntent improved CPM outcomes of their clients?
  • With email advertising, what are some things publishers should look out for?
  • Which tech trends does Kerel wish would exist?
  • How does Kerel believe that personalization and automation will continue to expand?
  • How can martech entities integrate with other solution providers?
  • What new services from LiveIntent should we pay attention to?


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