Do you want to crack the code on what it takes to be successful in digital publishing? Are you passionate about growing your publication? Then you’ll want to read our inaugural Digital Publishers Report.

Revenue from branded digital content is projected to grow three-fold by 2021, and according to multiple sources, digital advertising rates are on the rise. The Digital Publishers Report looks at the practices of 100 digital publishers, to highlight the critical success factors that you need to know to put you in a better position for success.

Some of the key findings covered in detail in the report include:

  • WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, with 55% of respondents using the platform.
  • Diversified revenue streams are key. Five digital monetization strategies prevail, with the vast majority (79%) of publishers earning revenue from website advertising. Other monetization sources include affiliate links (30%), paid subscriptions/memberships (22%), branded content/native ads (18%), and offline events (12%).
  • Newsletters and email updates continue to be popular, with 80% of publisher respondents using these methods to de-risk traffic sources.
  • Social media is universal — every publisher surveyed participates in at least one social media network.
  • Most publications make their backgrounds findable and provide clear contact information.
  • There is a large correlation between publishing frequency and traffic; while business models and content approaches vary, most digital publishers produce large amounts of new content weekly.

Our Digital Publishers Report provides details, charts, and breakdowns of all these elements affecting the success of digital publishers today, to help publishers navigate this environment and implement strategies for success. The report also contains a link to the accompanying sheet with the survey data.

Our thanks to goes out to the Small Business Trends team, who partnered with us to collate this report!

Download the full report here

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