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Social media

European Parliament’s IMCO backs limits on tech giants’ ability to run tracking ads

In what looks like bad news for adtech giants like Facebook and Google, MEPs in the European Parliament have voted for tougher restrictions on how internet users’ data can be combined for ad targeting purposes — backing a series of amendments to draft legislation that’s set to apply to the most powerful platforms on the web. Read more

Why it matters: As explains the article, “EU lawmakers argue the regulation is necessary to respond to evidence that digital markets are prone to tipping and unfair practices as a result of asymmetrical dynamics such as network effects, big data and “winner takes all” investor strategies.”

Audience development and engagement

Why Publishers’ Adoption of Twitter Blue Is About More Than the Money

Publishers like the LA Times and The Washington Post are joining Twitter Blue more for its audience data and transparent payout system than its revenue share. Read more

Why it matters: As Marc Stenberg explains, “Twitter Blue’s revenue share has grabbed headlines, but it’s not the only reason 300 publishers joined the service. Instead, a raft of other benefits—including more sophisticated data and a transparent payout framework—help boost its appeal.”


Podcasting platform Podimo hits the record button, lays down $78 million in new funding

Copenhagen-founded open podcast platform that offers a subscription service for creators, Podimo has raised $78 million in a Series B funding round. The capital will be used to enter new markets, create more original content and increase payments to creators. Since 2019, Podimo has raised $115 million. Read more

Why it matters: As CEO Morten Strunge points out, “The podcast and audio market is expected to grow beyond 50 billion USD over the next 5-6 years, with more and more audiences discovering compelling, short-form, spoken word audio every day. It’s a tremendous opportunity, and with our strategic focus on content in local markets’ native languages, we feel well-positioned to grab a substantial part of this market.”

Spotify tests a TikTok-like vertical video feed in its app 

TikTok has seen its short-form video feed copied by a host of competitors, from Instagram to Snap to YouTube and even Netflix. Now it looks like you can add Spotify to that list. The company has confirmed it’s currently testing a new feature in its app, Discover, which presents a vertical feed of music videos that users can scroll through and optionally like or skip. For those who have access to the feature, it appears as a fourth tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the Spotify app, in between Home and Search. Read more

Why it matters: As the author goes on to explain, “While the TikTok format has been adopted by top social platforms, including Instagram (Reels), Snapchat (Spotlight), YouTube (Shorts) and Pinterest (Idea Pins), it’s also proving to be an ideal format for content discovery. Netflix, for instance, recently adopted the short-form vertical video feed in its own app with the launch of its “Fast Laughs” feature, which offers clips from its content library and tools to save the programs to a watch list or just start streaming them. Similarly, Spotify’s video-based Discover feature could help introduce users to new music and offer a way to signal their interests to Spotify in a familiar format.”

Content strategy

TikTok taps BuzzFeed to produce the first sponsored weekly live shows on the platform

BuzzFeed and TikTok signed a year-long deal in which BuzzFeed will premiere multiple live video series on the social media platform and TikTok will secure sponsors for the shows. The deal marks the first time TikTok is working with a media company to sell sponsorships against weekly live shows on the platform. Read more

Why it matters: As publishers are looking for new ways to monetize their audience, partnerships like this one could potentially be a new revenue avenue, especially with social media apps like TikTok being on the rise.

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See how one digital publisher increased its organic traffic by 600% with Google News Top Stories Carousel + best practices and troubleshooting tips

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