What’s Happening:

The largest media event in Europe, the International Journalism Festival (IJF), took place in early April for the 13th year. Experienced media innovators shared knowledge and practical advice on how to drive successful change within publishing organizations, during five full days of workshops and sessions including the School of Data Journalism, organized in association with the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation.


Digging Deeper:

In one session, “How to resist the siren call of too many chickensh*t projects,” four panelists presented including Lucy Kueng, senior research fellow at RISJ. Kueng spoke about three levels at which innovation takes place:

  • Optimization of the old model.
  • Introduction of new products and services, ideally that grow revenue.
  • Experimentation with future product options.

Kueng pointed out that introducing new products is a “one way door” that cannot be backed out of, and require serious commitments of time and money. Planning for future products is also important for attracting new talent and moving the organization forward.

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