What’s happening:

The Swiss media group is launching a new experiment with a smart, personalised newsletter called “My NZZ.” Catering to its German-speaking audience, My NZZ automatically curates a list of articles that the reader missed during the week, personalised to each reader’s individual interests.


Why it matters:

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) publishes up to 200 pieces of content every day, and with subscribers’ busy lives and the sheer volume of written and visual journalism produced, its readers see only eight of those pieces, on average, on any given day. The My NZZ newsletter aims to create a smarter news experience for those readers, by showing them what they missed on topics that are most relevant to them.


Digging Deeper:

NZZ worked closely with its Data and Product teams to learn what features its users would most like to have, and found that “catch-up” features were rated the most useful; and that readers would like to receive those via email.

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