Sociall is part of another series of social networking startups providing an alternative to the incumbent giants, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat & YouTube.

Sociall is described as a secure and private decentralized social network for all. Sociall encrypts all data and multimedia uploads and stores it securely all over the world, making it completely decentralized.

Jade Mulholland, founder, and CEO of the Sociall.io platform has said that it’s their intention to provide an adequate response and solution to recent challenges affecting social networks.

The team is currently working on a Facebook migration tool to make the move over to Sociall as painless as possible. Data such as your user profile, recent posts, and friends list can all be ported over to Sociall.

The Sociall.io platform also comes with a blockchain marketplace that users can facilitate buying and selling of products and services using SCL tokens. Their 18-month plan, as mentioned on their site, is to provide a self-governing platform that contains all of the other leading social network sites features and services.

As we’ve seen in the past month, with the user sign up bump for Vero, there are several startups focusing on developing Facebook alternatives over privacy concerns. Whilst evidence has shown that features alone aren’t enough to build sustainable companies, the combination of encrypted networks leading to fully fledged blockchain networks can lead one of the companies to stand up as a leading next generation social network.

As for Sociall’s roadmap, it has been accessible as a closed beta platform to 300 users since March 2018, with plans for launching publicly by May 2018.

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