A world-first audience management platform (AMP) from an international one-to-one marketing company, Clicksco has launched in beta, allowing publishers to use their audience data for better personalisation and greater revenue.

Carbon by Clicksco is an innovative SaaS tool, providing actionable audience insights and more profitable data management for advertisers, publishers, and platforms. Built natively on Clicksco’s own data lake and data management platform (DMP) of over 1billion customer profiles, the cloud-based dashboard uses machine learning (ML) to better understand the needs, behaviours and intent of consumers from acquisition, through to engagement and conversion, to deliver more personalised online experiences and more profitable audience data monetisation.

For resource-constricted publishers, it makes time, manpower and financial efficiencies. From one platform using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics, publishers can view their complete audience profile and discover the niche interests and behaviours of individual consumers to identify opportunities, such as exploring new channels, channeling spend or focusing on quality content. This understanding can then inform a structured data strategy and optimum monetisation formats, to enable highly-relevant content distribution and ad targeting.

With the ability to visualise, segment and monetise data, publishers can also use Carbon to unveil new growth areas and uncover wider consumer interest trends. To aid campaign roll-outs, data from Carbon can be easily integrated into any demand-side platform (DSP) or DMP through an advanced integration and partnership with Nielsen.

Audience data is safely collected, managed and leveraged at the macro level, individual customer level, or uniquely, alongside Clicksco’s 1billion-plus rich customer profiles. This ability to build powerful queries and compare platforms, channels, and campaigns, with real-time reporting signals which audiences should be targeted, what they want, where and when.

Ahead of the EU’s pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Clicksco, which is certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, has developed Carbon to ensure data is fully compliant and offers a streamlined onboarding process.

Pete Danks, divisional CEO of Carbon, said: “Recognising incremental revenue from every page view is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges in digital publishing. Everyone has data, and maybe even growth in unique users, page views and audiences but very few businesses are consistently turning that activity into profit without just adding more advertising.

“Carbon allows publishers to leverage and augment their audience data, both on and off their sites, to extract the most profitable outcomes, through innovative profiling, segmentation, personalisation, and data monetisation. It offers an open approach to audience management, by seeking to integrate with as many parts of the digital ecosystem as possible, delivering value in multiple stages of the marketing mix.

“Carbon can help take the publisher’s pain away. By segmenting audiences in one place, and increasing yield without more ads, customer experiences remain the highest priority. Using intelligent data, brands can also reach publishers’ audiences at scale while still treating consumers as individuals by tailoring unique online journeys for every visitor from the moment they engage through to the moment they purchase.”

The launch of Carbon follows Clicksco’s pledge to develop AI and ML advancements to improve digital marketing success, after joining forces with Durham University in a first-of-its-kind Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) last year.

The two-year collaboration aims to create innovative tools to better understand customer behaviour by exploring statistical models of digital data to improve click-through rates (CTR) for Clicksco’s, and its clients’ online campaigns, to generate increased revenue.

For more information about Clicksco Group, visit www.clicksco.com

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