Can IPTV Technology Kill TV?

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    Trends have constantly been changing throughout the years from clothing, lifestyle, and even technology. One of those is the transition from televisions to IPTV technology. Have you heard of it before? Today, we will be talking about IPTV technology, and let us know if the IPTV platform truly replaces traditional TV.  

    But first, let us define IPTV.  

    Defining IPTV 

    Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) refers to the delivery of the television contents over a network of Internet Protocol (IP). Compared to the traditional ways of delivery which are done through satellite, cable television, and traditional terrestrial, IPTV provides a new kind of television experience brought by the improvements held by modern technology. Also, IPTV offers the opportunity of continuously streaming different media sources or platforms.  

    Given this improvement brought by the IPTV technology, the matter today is if it affects or kills TV- being the traditional source of entertainment and information dissemination of the people. With this, let us take a closer look at IPTV technology.  

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    How does IPTV Technology work?

    The way IPTV works can be compared to a simple browsing of the internet and not the typical channel surfing. An Internet Protocol (IP) is utilized to make it work as it is the transport protocol that acts as the delivery mechanism of videos and other contents. Whenever a user browses and clicks a certain program on the TV, servers will then be divided into several data packets to be sent all over the internet. This will lead video servers to transmit programs using the fiber optic cable to the entire household as long as there is a stable internet connection. Moreover, the process in IPTV technology goes like this: the user’s requests regarding the contents and videos to view are sent to the servers, and eventually, these servers will send back the most corresponding contents.  

    Now, here are the following servers that can support IPTV technology: 

    • YouTube 

    As the biggest and most successful media platform, YouTube has been a part of IPTV technology. Every time a user requests a specific video content, YouTube is the most recommendable since it has millions of subscribers and users. Plus, there are many things to know through YouTube that even at home, it can be done and allow other family members to participate in.  

    • Netflix 

    Another server that supports IPTV technology is Netflix. This platform offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to video content and movie viewing. This is where the famous statement “Netflix and chill” came from. Here, users can look for a certain movie and binge-watch it. Also, the best thing about Netflix is that it has the most recent movies and series, so users can definitely stay updated.  

    • Area 51 

    This is the server that is best for those on budget. It offers over 1400 channels, and buffering isn’t a problem at all. Another great thing about this is that 3 connections can be made for only $7.  

    Why is IPTV Technology a trend?  

    IPTV isn’t a trend at all but rather a necessity and great investment. Compared to the traditional TV channels that are limited and might buffer at some point, IPTV is greater. It has the qualities that push users to patronize its services and live a comfortable life of entertainment.  

    Also, given that it has a lot of channels, other servers can support the process of IPTV. Included here is Netflix, which is the crowd’s favourite when it comes to movies and YouTube for exceptional content.  

    Nowadays, people are always looking for something better that can supplement their daily demands. This is the reason why IPTV technology gathers a lot of subscribers and users.  

    Disadvantages of IPTV Technology 

    To further bring balance and answer whether IPTV technology truly kills TV, here are the disadvantages.  

    Internet Speed’s Dependency 

    To view certain video content, IPTV requires an ample amount of internet speed to do so. And if the speed isn’t stable at all, the quality of the content will be affected. This is one of the disadvantages of IPTV technology as the internet connection can be irritating at some point, and it’s uncontrollable. Also, using this in rural areas or places that have poor connections can only interrupt the viewing continuously. So, it is highly recommended to use this technology in places that have secured and stable internet connections.  

    Need of a Decoder 

    IPTV software can be, at some point, uncontrollable, resulting in malfunctions. So, having a decoder is a need to fix this issue. In this way, the streaming service will be retrieved. Also, a decoder can be, at the same time, the IPTV provider. More so, to those asking how to be an IPTV provider, the decoders must answer.  


    Lastly, websites can be the media content or content creators that will be published on the IPTV platform. One of these is the OTT streaming service that provides channels such as Netflix. The OTT service isn’t bad since it has a variety of offers, making it the best revenue platform for entertainment. So, launching an OTT platform will not be a regret in the end.  

    Despite these disadvantages, IPTV is still a great investment. So, below are a few steps to take to start an IPTV service.

    Things to do with IPTV Technology 

    Before enjoying the services of IPTV, looking for a legit service provider is a must. Good thing, there are lots of providers both in-store and online. Dwelling the world of how to become an IPTV provider is also recommended.  

    Now, upon availing of the service, users can view video content and other media content. Also, with lots of content creators aided by effective streaming services, entertainment has never been easier. Just take a closer look at the software IPTV for queries and other additional streaming services.  

    Moreover, there is an OTT service that IPTV users are recently patronizing. This is why OTT streaming services are coming out of the surface. It is regarded as a worthy investment and to launch an OTT platform is a need. But what is OTT?  

    Get to know with OTT. 

    Over the Top (OTT) is a platform for streaming that offers multiple and varying contents for entertainment. It utilizes the internet to work. That is why the latest trends and contents can be viewed first-hand by the users. Also, the best thing about OTT is that it can connect to different streaming devices, so users can have a lot of avenues to enjoy an elevated experience of entertainment.  


    IPTV technology is indeed an exceptional service and platform that delivers a one-of-a-kind level of entertainment. With this, people can enjoy their life in the best way they can. Connected to that, the OTT platform also came to the spotlight. With its excellent and effectiveness when it comes to streaming, people can enjoy it a lot. After all, people always thrive for what is the best, and included in that is the OTT platform. Despite the fees to pay to avail of OTT streaming services, people are always willing to pay. Another thing, with this fact, OTT is the best platform to build for content creators. As it receives a lot of fame and revenue nowadays, starting with an OTT platform to build content will be a blast.  



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