Why Medium Launched A Cryptocurrency Podcast

Aaron Lammer doesn’t consider himself an expert in cryptocurrency, and while he does trade in some of the various digital assets that have taken the financial world by storm, he hasn’t dumped his entire life savings into Bitcoin, nor does he upload ostentatious videos of Lamborghinis he bought with the currency to YouTube.

In fact, it’s just the kind of Bitcoin Bro I describe above that Lammer is likely to make fun of on Coin Talk, the podcast he co-hosts with journalist Jay Caspian Kang. Launched earlier this year in partnership with Medium, the hour-long show covers cryptocurrency with tongue planted firmly in cheek. While the two are certainly fascinated with cryptocurrency and take it seriously, they don’t approach the topic with the kind of blind optimism that makes some within the crypto community so easy to parody. “We’re definitely not as wide-eyed about certain things,” Lammer said in an interview. “We do trade. We are into it. But we’re also, I’d say, fairly cynical about it. The kind of community we’ve attracted is this weird cross section of people who are really interested in cryptocurrency yet simultaneously think it’s kind of bullshit.”

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