What’s happening?

Owing to the daunting feats accomplished by TicToc, over the last 12months, Bloomberg is taking another step further. The company is set to expand TicToc social news network beyond twitter.

Digging deeper:

According to Bloomberg, “within the first 12 months, TicToc has topped 500,000 followers (currently, it has 516,000). Today it has around 2.2 million mean regular views and 1.5 million mean routine viewers on Twitter, according to Bloomberg.”

The top-notch news brand, TicToc, has witnessed a massive increase in influence, and followers this year.

As a versatile news platform that covers topics ranging from global news to entertainment gist, the brand offers nutrient-rich stories in a timely manner. These outstanding qualities reaffirm their dedication to the grand concept; reimaging of the 24-hour news channel, with much of the dispatch delivered in 30-to-second video bursts.

The brand believes the latest guards of business leaders are not satisfied by the services of the dominant news brands. Therefore, TicToc is planning to offer their services on a broader scale, as a better alternative.


TicToc Plans in 2019: in details

The company plans to develop TicToc into a more influential streaming platform with direct-to-consumer subscription service in the future. If their plans work as planned, TicToc would license their services to TV and OTT distributors, 500 screens in some 30 airports in the U.S., Canada and some other parts of Europe.

After signing seven advertisers to one-year deals: AT&T, CA Technologies, Goldman Sachs, Infiniti, SAS, TD Ameritrade, and CME Group; TicToc has attracted more sponsors and is in talks about renewing the pacts with their initial publicists for 2019.

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Currently, TicToc launched a daily podcast and a newsletter and started distributing news on Amazon Echo and screens on taxis and ferries in New York. Bloomberg Media, in a  bid to sustain their venture, has employed 70 producers, editors and social-media specialists across three bureaus — New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Bottom line:

The move to expand its reach is a brilliant but tasking one. Since TicToc has proven itself to be dedicated to its course, and the market demand for a more relatable news platform is tall — the probability of succeeding in this expansion venture is inevitably lofty.

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