What’s happening?

Over the years, many smart speaker users have complained about the difficulty faced when using smart speaker for news briefings.

According to the research published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, “shows, consumers aren’t the biggest fans of the news briefings that publishers have been pushing out. Common complaints: The briefings are too long. They’re not updated frequently enough. They’re too repetitive; when bulletins from different news providers run together, stories get duplicated.”

The good news is; Google has started a new experiment, in collaboration with over 130 publishers, which focuses on making news on smart speakers more convenient for its users. The company intends to offer a more personalized audio news feed via Google assistant.

Digging deeper:

Liz Gannes, a former reporter for Recode, Gigaom, and AllThingsD who is spearheading the initiative, said “We are combining Google News with the interactivity and voice experience of Google Assistant.”

Google is working towards building a prototype of a news radio station that the user controls — using voice to skip stories, revisit, or halt and discover more on a topic. They designed this prototype to use an individual story as an individual package rather than a summary of stories packaged together.

Google, to get more single-topic story feeds, is welcoming more publishers on board. For many publishers, this is an opportunity to issue their news feeds to millions of Google Home speakers, Android phones, and a range of other devices for the home and car.

Check this video for more details: https://youtu.be/mBlaJ-pKzcY

The similarity between Google’s initiative and 60dB initiative:
The similarity between this new Google initiative and the 60dB idea is justifiable. 60dB, promoted itself two years ago as a “service for high-quality, short-form stories,” But over a year ago, Google gained-hired 60dB’s team, which makes this Google initiative a successor product.

Bottom line:

This prototype works by ushering in an audio creation environment in which the atomic unit of content is a brief, individual story piece and matches listeners with stories via ‘algorithmic personalization’.

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Interested publishers have a lot to gain from this product. Google will offer reliable analytics, advertisement and money.

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