E-commerce and Monetization Opportunities for Digital Publishers

Today’s digital publisher needs a variety of revenue streams. For many, though advertising remains a monetization pillar, it has been in a steady decline. Subscriptions or memberships are also generally a strong monetization strategy. But as the need to diversify revenue methods continues to grow, many publishers are looking at new strategies — such as e-commerce.

Justin Choi, founder and CEO of Nativo, says that commerce companies are the publishers of the future. “A new breed of publishers is emerging to challenge traditional open web publishers for ad dollars: commerce companies,” he writes at Exchange Wire. “Commerce companies already have a leg-up on traditional open web publishers when it comes to their first-party data and user relationships. Their delayed entrance into the ad game will also prove fortuitous, as they are not dependent on ad-tech incumbents and will be able to take a clean slate and can employ the lessons of their predecessors when it comes to integrating ads into their user experiences.”

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