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"I was able to get valuable insights on my project within minutes from people who had real experience. Better yet, I was able to cite the data and insights they shared many times to company leadership over the course of the project."
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Amanda Saeli
MIT Technology Review
"Vahe is one of the best SEO specialists in the market. He's knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and proactive. We've seen great improvements in our SEO campaigns while working with Vahe, and the team is now equipped with the tools to do all the needed SEO optimisation in-house. I highly recommend Vahe for any SEO-related work: both consultancy and hands-on implementation."
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Yulia Dolgodvorova
Halo Media

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Publisher SEO & Content Strategy for Audience Growth

You will receive expert guidance with always updated best practices on a range of strategic challenges through a number of interactive formats, including videos, live Q&A sessions, 1-on-1 support, ebooks and how-to guides, and community sessions.

✓ Topic pillar and cluster development
✓ Content Audit
✓ Content formats
✓ Content creation process
✓ Keyword research and mapping
✓ Technical Audit
✓ Content Audit
✓ SEO strategy

✓ Content pruning
✓ Internal linking strategy
✓ Site relaunch / migration
✓ Podcast SEO
✓ International SEO
Google News SEO
✓ WordPress
✓ Tagging and categorization
✓Hosting i.e. Wpengine
✓ Google Discover
Paywall SEO ✓ Voice Search ✓ Consulting Skills ✓ Content Promotion ✓ Diagnosing Performance Drops


You will gain access to exclusive industry insights, including research, reports and case studies, opinion pieces, and event roundups, that will keep you up to date on new media, digital publishing technology, monetization and audience growth.

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