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Grow your audience, and your career, as part of a professional media community.

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Over the daily bombardment of vendors with email lists?

We curate perspectives from digital media’s emerging players to spark meaningful interactions among peers. Connect with established pros and start creating opportunities through our members-only Slack and Facebook groups. Founding Members can even use the #support channel on Slack or Facebook Messenger for moderator support on even the toughest questions.

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Looking for data to help you make tough decisions?

We curate the best resources and reports you’d have to pay big-time to access elsewhere and summarize findings to save you time. Plus, our growing vault of featured articles, strategy playbooks, data repository and real-world case studies are constantly maintained — maximizing value for you



Eager for some recognition on all your hard work? 

State of Digital Publishing regularly profiles digital media & publishing professionals that have a strong voice or is immersed in game-changing work. As a premium member, not only will you have the opportunity to profile your work, but it will also have priority scheduling and publishing rights.

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Is there a place to access archives of content?

Yes, all subscribers have access to a full, searchable archive which we will share access to in your welcome email.

Where can I update my subscription details and preferences?

Visit your memberful profile and follow the prompts.

If I don’t want to subscribe, can I still visit State of Digital Publishing for free?

You will always be able to read for free. As we are trying to build a stronger editorial team and source the latest insights, it’s important that we have a method of also funding our efforts. We hope you can trial us out and see the value you will get from your membership.

Are there any corporate or free membership offers which I can take advantage of?

Email for corporate and referral offers.

What if I’d like to purchase a membership for someone else?

We have a gift option you can take advantage of as well.

In SODP, you’ll
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  • Search
  • Social Media
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  • Storytelling & Journalism
  • Measurement & KPI’s
  • Tools & Technology
  • And more…

No more time wasted on blog posts or trying to fumble through things alone. You’ll finally have an all-in-one digital media and publishing resource, with a community and service to support you as you apply what you learn.

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