What’s happening:

Many journalists today are worried about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means for their job security. With computers generating a vast array of content now — from weather and stock exchange activity to sports and corporate performance — AI can often produce more rigorous, comprehensive stories than human reporters. Software can instantaneously source data from multiple sources, recognise patterns, and construct complex written stories that even capture emotion.

Yet, rather than fearing that AI will leave them without a job, journalists should embrace it as a saviour of the media trade, says the Open Society Foundation (OSF). Intelligent machines can work together with human journalists, enabling them to better cover the increasingly complex, information-rich world and turbo-power their creativity, reporting, and ability to engage their audiences.


Benefits of AI to media:

OSF says that AI can work with human journalists to increase the quality of media coverage in a variety of ways:

  • Following predictable data patterns and programmed to “learn” variations in these patterns over time, AI algorithms can help reporters arrange, sort, and produce content at speeds never thought possible.
  • AI can systematise data to find a missing link in an investigative story.
  • AI can identify trends and spot the outlier among millions of data points, enabling journalists to uncover the beginnings of a great scoop.
  • AI can analyse huge amounts of data to aid timely investigations, and can also help source and fact-check stories.
  • AI algorithms can also help journalists make rough cuts of videos, recognise voice patterns, identify a face in the crowd, and chat with readers.
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