What’s happening:

A recent report from the Agora Journalism Center suggests that newsrooms practicing public-powered, engaged journalism are finding some measurable success. The questions and debate over engaged journalism — connection, collaboration and interaction between publishers and their audiences — are hot topics in today’s newsroom.

While the benefits and results of such audience engagement has not been fully documented and is still an elusive metric, Hearken, a company that helps news organisations listen to the public as stories develop from pitch to publication — is making a strong case for both the journalistic and commercial value of such an engaged approach.


Why it matters:

Hearken claims that public-powered journalism not only deepens publishers’ relationship with their readers, but also makes news more relevant, and helps the media industry’s troubled business model. To study the results of engaged journalism, the Agora Journalism Center (AJC) at the University of Oregon interviewed reporters and editors from 15 newsrooms across the United States that are using Hearken as an approach to engage their readers.

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