Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Sydney to keep an eye on.

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    Junkee Media

    Junkee Media is a digital Media company and is based in Australia. They create content about all those things which matters the most. They also help the brand to tell and share their stories. Junkee Media website attracts more than 2 million unique visitors per month. Most of the traffic to the website comes from social media platforms like Facebook and others. The company was established in the year 2000. In 2014, Junkee Media was named the media brand of the year by Mumbrella Awards. 

    Momentum Media

    Momentum Media is a digital media company based in Australia. It connects the audiences to information, helping companies to influence, promoting the brand and giving service and products to the customers. Momentum Media plays an important role in delivering insightful market intelligence via different platforms such as social, print, digital, broadcast, and research. The company website attracts more than 1 million visitors and it sends 11.7 million newsletters each month. 

    Branson Media

    Branson Media is a company in Australia that deals with the financial communications consultancy that connects companies with customers, investors and shareholders. The company provides advice and solutions for corporations on the ASX and NYSE. Branson Media provides its clients with financial market expertise and an extensive network of influencers. The company has a proven track record for developing highly effective communication solutions and strategies to enhance business objectives. 


    Streem real-time media platform delivers licensed print, online, TV, Radio and social media content from various sources within minutes. In the year 2015, Streem became the first media monitor to introduce real-time radio tracking and Television. In the year 2018, Streem opened a dedicated media intelligence hub in Surry Hills. 

    Bauer Media Group

    Bauer Media is Australia’s driving multi-platform publisher, with investments crossing magazines, digital and live experiences. The portfolio of Bauer Media combines some of the country’s longest-running and most thriving brands. Bauer Media also provides news on its website. The company has many advertising solutions that meet the company’s market share and profit maximising objectives. It focuses on the brands, ad specs, insights, commercial content, case studies, solutions, and news. In total, Bauer Media published and circulates 600 magazines, has more than 50 radio stations under its kitty and has some best selling magazines across the UK and Australia.


    Octomedia is the leading B2B media platform in Australia. It is a bi-monthly magazine that attracts top class columnists. The portfolio of the company covers retail, FMCG, small business, franchising and e-commerce. For the new technologies, Octomedia is a key driver. It is Australia’s largest and oldest retail trade publication with the daily digital newsletters, news briefs and more. The headquarters of Octomedia are in Sydney and it houses the writers, editors, publishers, designers and sales specialists. 

    Boardroom Media

    Board Room Media is one of the leading digital multimedia production companies in Australia. It has specialization in video production, webcasting services, and quality audio production. The BoardRoom media provides broadcasts, news, business related and technology news services to the readers. The company has a team of experienced multimedia producers and storytellers. They regularly look out for new stories and new ways to tell them.

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) is a daily small newspaper in Sydney. It is published six days a week. This newspaper is owned by Nine. SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) is the oldest published newspaper in Australia. The newspaper also has a magazine which is included in the Saturday edition and is named as Good Weekend and also Sunday Life. The SMH also has its online presence. They cover all the latest news stories, automobile, technology, Travel, food, etc. 

    Fairfax Media

    Fairfax Media was a media company in Australia and New Zealand. But come 2019 Nine and Fairfax media merged into one business called as NINE. Now the combination of these two companies is the largest media company on the ASX. It has investments in the newspapers, radio, digital properties and in the magazines. Nine is a digital media company that provides the latest news and happenings, sports, finance, entertainment news, and lifestyle. 

    Nine Entertainment Co

    Nine is a digital media company that works on the approach to create great content and then distribute it broadly to engage audiences and sponsors. 9Now has been fully combined into Nine’s leading TV buying technology, 9Galaxy. It lets advertisers buy Nine’s audiences seamlessly over linear TV and 9Now in one simple transaction, using a general audience currency, delivered by OzTAM. Nine is Australia most trusted platform for the brands spanning News, sports, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. 

    Russh Magazine

    Russh is a bi-monthly magazine in Australia. It is the fashion magazine which was established in the year 2004 to share views about fashion and chic lifestyle with the readers. The main and the primary focus of the magazine is on fashion, beauty, music, and art. The first issue of the magazine appeared in October 2004. In the year 2010, the company also launched the website of the magazine and today they use fashion models for covers. 


    ABC is a radio station in Sydney. It is also known as ABC Radio Station. It broadcasts on the frequency of 702 kHz on the AM dial. ABC was the Australia first full-time radio station. ABC also has its own website on which the company also publishes the latest news and programs. The website allows users to listen to live programs. Thank God it’s Friday is the popular radio comedy show of ABC Sydney. It broadcasts every Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm. 

    7 Network

    Seven Network is commonly known as Channel 7 or only Seven. It is the biggest Australian commercial free to air TV network. The Channel Seven is owned by the Seven West media. Channel 7 is one of the five main free to air TV network in Australia. The head office of the channel is based in Sydney. The channel broadcast the popular programs and franchise that includes the AFL, Cricket, Olympics, Australia Got Talent, Home and Away, Seven News, The Chase Australia, My Kitchen Rules, etc. 

    Australian News Channel Pty Ltd.

    Australian News Channel is an Australian personally held subsidiary of News Corp Australia which holds media properties running in Australia and New Zealand. The company owns news broadcasting channel Sky News Australia, its sister channels are Sky News Business Channel and Sky News Weather Channel, New Zealand News Channel as well as international streaming service Australia Channel. It set up shop in the year 1996 when Sky News Australia aired for the first time. It is equally owned by the Seven Media Group, Nine Entertainment, and Sky Broadcasting. 

    News Corp Australia

    News Corp Australia is one of the largest media companies in Australia with a staff of 8000 employees nationwide and has almost 3000 journalists. This media company in Australia owns 142 daily, Sunday, tri-weekly, weekly and bi-weekly newspapers. News Corp Australia a distributed paper in Australia. Further, the company publishes 30 magazine titles in Australia. Established in 1979 News Corp Australia was first known as News Limited. Today, it has a number of verticals and news sharing platforms including News DNA, News Prestige network, Food Corp, News With Her in Mind, News Community, News Corp Rural and News Regional Media. 

    Australian Associated Press

    Australian Associated Press is one of the Australian News Agency. The news agency was introduced in the year 1935. The company has 175 journalists working in Australian territories and states. AAP (Australian Associated Press) is owned by the three organizations of news i.e News Corp Australia, Nine Entertainment and Seven West Media. Nine Entertainment has maximum shares of 47%. The Associated Press mainly focus on the breaking news. 


    Mumbrella is the media industry news website. It is also an Australian marketing company and was launched in 2008 only to become a popular source of news, analysis, and commentary. The website was designed to offer a free weekly email newsletter. By the year 2012, the website started reaching over 2 Lakh unique readers. It has rapidly gained the audiences through its fast reporting on the industry news. 

    Collective Hub

    Collective Hub is a print magazine that was launched in the year 2013. It is a famous print magazine in 37 countries and now it has become a global sensation. Collective Hub is a true multimedia brand that engages digital content, collaborations, and unique product extensions. Collective Media covers the design, business, technology, social change, travel, food, film, and art. 

    Next Media NSW

    Next Media is a Media Company in Australia. It publishes magazines of special interest in the sport, humor, and hobby. The headquarter of the company is located in Sydney. It is owned by the Forum Media Group. It is the Australia foremost special interest print and digital media publisher. It is the country’s 4th largest magazine publishing group. The company was founded in the year 2007. 

    The Roar

    The Roar is the Australian sports opinion website. The website was established in the year 2006 by two brothers Zac & Zolton. Now the website provides news, updates on Rugby, AFL, League, Cricket, Football, Racing, etc. These are the main sports covered by The Roar.  The Roar publishes about 1000 articles from fans and experts. 

    Special Broadcasting Service

    Special Broadcasting Service is the hybrid-funded television network and Australian public broadcasting radio. Australian Government provides 80 percent funding to the SBS corporation. There are four channels that are operated by SBS – SBS Viceland, SBS Food, NITV & SBS. It has eight radio networks. SBS has its own website on which it provides the latest news, sports news, on-demand video, Radio, programs, and Guide.

    Universal Media Company

    Universal Media Co is an Australian publisher of the magazine and websites. The company is owned by Prema Perera. Earlier its name was Universal Magazines but later changed to Universal Media Company only to factor in the ever increasing trend of online media presence. Universal Media Co is one of Australia’s biggest and most innovative media companies. The company is known for producing high-quality and engaging content on topics our readers deeply care about. The core markets of the company is home, family, health and wellness, sports, pets, craft, and hobbies, outdoors, gardens, cars and more.

    Financial Standard

    The Financial Standard is the publishing group of Rainmaker Group focused on giving trade news, investment analysis and education. In an evolving and complicated marketplace, the Financial Standard is a unique public forum for the presentation and exchange of information and ideas. It goes beyond the headlines to address the real issues for today’s investment professionals. It provides the full picture by providing the in-depth analysis, clarity of thinking, Broadly industry coverage, reliability, open forum and an easy to use format.


    Mamamia is a media company that aims to make the World a better place for Women and girls. The company tries to fulfil its aim via written content, video content and podcast. It promotes women-oriented businesses and contributes some part of its profit for the promotion of girls education. It focuses on fields like news, lifestyle, entertainment, work & money, relationship, parent and more. 

    Inside Retail

    Inside Retails as its name suggests, is one of the leading news publications of Australia. It is one of the trusted names of retail industry news and trends. The website publishes news, information, online analysis and much more about the retail business. The company is owned by Octomedia Pty Ltd and it has its headquarters located in Sydney itself.

    Key Media

    The journey of Key Media started with publishing a single B2B magazine. It is one of the niche publishing companies in the World. The company delivers its content via magazine as well as an online platform. The online platform has an audience of 2.5 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. Key Media has a portfolio of 130 niche magazines and these are enjoyed by more than thousands of customers. Law, Wealth, Insurance, HR & Education, Property are some of the verticals catered by Key Media.

    Livewire Markets

    Livewire is one of the fastest growing websites in the investment sector. It brings on ideas, strategies, fund managers and investment professionals all under one place. Every month almost 1 Lakh investors and advisors visit the website to gather information like market trends, macro themes and many more. The website also offers a free subscription and the subscribers can receive daily mail regarding the topics.

    Perform Media Group

    Perform Media Group is a dedicated global sports media company. It has one of its regional offices located in Sydney, Australia. The company is formed by the merger of 2 businesses i.e Premium TV Limited and Inform Group. The group holds a group of digital media enterprises and its operations includes subscription, content distribution, technology & production as well as advertising & sponsorship. It also launched its online sports video streaming service named as DAZN.

    Accounts Daily

    Accounts Daily is a publishing house that focuses on breaking news, insights and analysis for the accounting professional of Australian. It features content related to Accounts technology, appointments, The bookkeeper, professional development. Accounts Daily is owned by Momentum Media, which has a track record in developing engagement. It has also shined as the leading Australian publisher for delivery of integrated media platforms.

    Money Management

    Money Management is an online finance website for Bankers, Accountants and insurers as their target audience. It provides coverage about Australian finance market, taxation, share markets and much more. Moreover here the readers can find in-depth coverage reports about fresh new strategies and change in market trends. Moreover, it also is an information hub for newbie investors as they have detailed information about the basics of investment strategies.

    7 News

    7 News previously named ATVN news is a television news service of the seven networks. Its news services are also retransmitted via many local news channels of news networks. Further for its international information coverage, it uses resources from CNN, ITN and NBC as well. This news service covers national international and local bulletin news throughout the day and also airs live telecasts as well.


    BMG is an Australian branch of international music company BMG Rights and management which is a German-based music company operating globally. This company later acquired independent records music company Albert Music and merged it under the BMG’s brand name. BMG is proud to become the most important channel for songwriters, artists only to facilitate their recordings with the latest technology. 


    Istart is basically a tech news magazine which mainly focuses on business-related software and technologies.This web magazine basically covers case studies to enlighten entrepreneurs about how to make the best of the technology available to them. Moreover, they also feature the latest tech trends and online technologies for their readers in the form of a 360 tech resource for the businesses.

    Bite Magazine

    Bite Magazine is Australia’s leading online magazine operated from Sydney. This magazine mainly focuses on providing information to Dental professionals. Further, it also covers the information about the latest technology and dental gadgets along with their detailed review. This website mainly aims to empower local dentists with the latest trends so that they can provide the best customer services.

    Alternative Media

    Alternative Media is an Australian Media group which publishes four newspapers and a number of websites on online platforms. Apart from this the media company also produces a popular magazine named CityHub weekly on Thursdays which is available free of cost to its readers. It basically empowers urban dwellers with information regarding. Moreover, Through their online and offline publications, Alternative Media covers the latest local events, social issues and reforms taking place in Sydney.  

    Asia Today International

    Asia Today International is basically a business magazine which is published twice a month. Moreover, This magazine is independently owned and published out of Sydney. It mainly covers information and news related to regional business and international investments. The Asia Today thrives in empowering its readers with current scenario updates about cross border trades and also in national business trends. 

    9 News

    9 News is the national news service of the nine networks in Australia. It’s an hour-long news programme aired at 6:00 pm daily. In this show national, international and local bulletin news are covered along with local traffic reports. The 9 news has been one of the highest rated news services of Australia providing all the tidbits of world, nation and city to their customers.

    Pedestrian TV

    It is the world’s first DVD magazine circulated in Australia. Further, this magazine’s main focus is to cover every aspect of the lives of young Australians and empower them with information and ideas. It also publishes around 7 million pages per month online apart from its social media posts and pages. Further, this company also collaborates with Suncorp, Nike, Tesla and many more for creating award-winning campaigns.

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