Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Philadelphia to keep an eye on.

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WHYY Public Media

This is member supported and a not-for-profit media company. Also, this company mainly focuses on the kids and the needs of the new generation. Further, WHYY media company has Tv and Fm broadcasting services which are funded by the state of Pennsylvania. Apart from a Radio Station they also broadcast through 3 channels. WHYY Public Media also stream their radio and tv shows online which can be accessed through their website. WHYY prides itself with their award-winning kid’s programs and they also work closely with more than 28 local schools. 


This is a morning daily newspaper in Philadelphia which was formerly known as The Pennsylvania Inquirer and also was named changed its name later. This is the third oldest newspaper in the US and is owned by Philadelphia media groups. Moreover, It is the eighteenth largest average weekly newspaper in the US. They provide news about Philadelphia, Southern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey through the print and online information sharing portals. The inquirer is a politically independent newspaper and works without any strings attached to the left or the right wing politics.

North America Publishing Company

North America Publishing company is a print and online media company which also hosts conferences and events. This company helps their clients to connect to audiences through their video services events and integrated media programs. This company serves clients from various fields such as marketing, publishing, non-profit, printing and packaging. Moreover, they also provide eLearning tutorials and videos online for consumers and clients.

NBC Universa

This mass media company is owned by Comcast and is involved with media and entertainment industry. NBC Universal plays a big role in providing a wide diversity of content to the people through its wide portfolio of television shows and programs. This company has a wide presence in the country and is known to be one of the “Big Three” television networks.

Universal music group

It is a global music corporation which is owned by French media company Vivendi. Further, this music company ranks as one of the three major music production companies. Also, the famous music video site Vevo.com is also co-developed by Universal music group for uploading music videos online. The universal music group also comes under the top 50 most innovative company in the world. This music company is well known for creating some of the most iconic and unique music videos throughout history.

Al Dia

It is a media company which challenges the main media stereotypes. They publish news, videos, and podcasts related to various current topics and government policies. They started as an Espanol newspaper targeting Latin American origin audiences. Apart from Philadelphia, they cover South Jersey and Northern Delaware as well. Their main focus is the Latin experiences in the US and laws and policies affecting them. They feature out of the box information about communities and cultures for spreading awareness and empowering everyone with information.


This media company is owned by Univision Communications. It is a free air Spanish language television network. Further, the network’s main focus is the American Hispanic population and their entertainment. It is available throughout major paid television provider across the US where major Spanish speaking communities are thriving. Also, it airs Spanish drama series news and reality for the entertainment of the Spanish Natives which makes it the largest platform to do so in the USA. 

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See how one digital publisher increased its organic traffic by 600% with Google News Top Stories Carousel + best practices and troubleshooting tips

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