Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Aberdeen to keep an eye on.

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Evening Express

Evening Express is a popular daily newspaper in Scotland owned by DC Thompson and Co. Ltd. Running since 1879, the Evening Express has a wide readership and its online footprint is also expanding every day. The major areas in which the Evening Express reports and shares the content ranges between politics, lifestyle, sports, and local news. 

Aberdeen Journals Ltd

The Oldest running newspaper in Scotland, The Aberdeen Journals was established in 1747. Today the DC Thompson Group owns it and has shaped the Aberdeen Journal to become amazing daily running news and information sharing platform.

The Press and Journal

The Cities of Aberdeen and Inverness obtain rich and high-quality authentic information via The Press and Journal. Circulated since 1747, this is one of the oldest running newspapers in the world. They share content and information about the areas ranging from lifestyle to sports and everything in between. 


Gaudie is a local newspaper published by the Students of the University of Aberdeen. It covers the local news along with the campus tidbits and is funded by its own advertising earnings. The purpose of Gaudie is to provide the students with an avenue to try different reporting styles and formats. 

AVC Immedia

From local houses to international brands, AVC Immedia creates bespoke and amazing content for the clients to pitch their products in front of the audience. They leverage the power of video, animation and top-notch Digital Audio technologies and realize the brand’s image. 

Aberdeen Magazine

This Magazine covers the lifestyle and culture of the city in a creative and far-reaching style. Through this magazine, people come to know about what’s best happening in Aberdeen and who are the people behind it. Published by the McQuillen Creative Group., Inc the Aberdeen Magazine is distributed for free in some select areas. 

Thomson DC and Co, Ltd

DC Thomson is both a publishing company and a TV production house running since 1905. They publish magazines, create TV content, and leverage the expanse of digital technology for their operations. Some of the publications by DC Thomson are The Dundee Courier, The Evening Telegraph, Sunday Post and many more. 

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