According to a recent announcement from Time Inc., two of the company’s brands — Essence and Entertainment Weekly — will be partnering with Snapchat Discover. Each brand will release visual-based editions on Snapchat each week, similar to People’s daily edition. Users can look forward to Snapchat exclusives and special features for both brands.

Time’s ongoing use of Snapchat publishing

Time Inc. has been a partner of Snapchat Discover since it was launched in 2015, so it’s not surprising to learn that more of the company’s brands are joining the Discover fold. The Snapchat feature was specially designed to give publishers a way to share professional editorial content in a way that complements the personal vibe of the site.

At State of Digital Publishing, we definitely understand the power of social media storytelling in the publishing world. It’s a strong possibility that through Snapchat Discover, a larger number of Millenials will do just that — discover new publications they might have previously overlooked. For flagging publications, an infusion of new readers in a youthful demographic can be a much-needed boost.

The Entertainment Weekly Snapchat edition will cover what’s happening in the world of movies, music, and TV. In addition to the latest pop-culture news, users will be treated to exclusives and behind-the-scenes access. Fan-favorite features like Bullseye and the Must List will be included, with the end goal of providing users with an informative, immersive experience.

As with its print and digital editions, the Snapchat edition of Essence will cover topics of interest from a female, African-American perspective; topics include but aren’t limited to lifestyle, entertainment, travel, career, and politics. Time Inc.’s Will Lee recently said that for both brands, the goal is to reach new audiences on new platforms. In addition to video, animation and graphics will be used to enhance both editions.

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Is Snapchat the future for publishers?

It appears that the rush of media brands onto Snapchat Discover isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. In the past two years alone, some of the biggest names in the industry have joined Discover in an attempt to reach a larger user base, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Cosmo, and Vogue.

Tell us: what you think about Snapchat Discover, and do you plan on using it for your brand?

Share your views in the comments section below. Or if you have a news story or tip-off, drop us a line at vahe@stateofdigitalpublishing.com.

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