What’s Happening:

In an era when trust in journalism is down and consumers are getting their news from multiple platforms, publishers are moving into the “show me” instead of “trust me” model of journalism, according to Tom Rosenstiel and Jane Elizabeth at the American Press Institute.

Why it Matters:

With news consumers reading news from multiple platforms and social media, they often don’t make their way from the platform or app to a media organization’s direct website. Because of this, reporters and media companies are being compelled to explain why the public should trust their work, rather than relying on the credibility of the organization as they once did.

This becomes more challenging in mediums such as Twitter or a newsletter. Laura Davis, assistant professor and digital news director at USC Annenberg Media Center, took a look at organic news fluency outside the confines of a traditional story, to reach readers where they are consuming news and inspiring trust through those platforms.

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