What’s Happening:

Next Media Accelerator, the premier hub for media innovation in Europe, has announced the ten teams that will take part in its accelerator program over the next six months. This round of teams is the most diverse so far, with the largest presence of female founders in the NMA than ever before, and with teams hailing from its home country of Germany as well as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and The Netherlands.

Why it Matters:

Next Media Accelerator was founded in 2015, initiated by the German Press Agency to offer media related startups a place to succeed. The six-month accelerator program helps scalable companies across Europe bring innovation to the media industry, and find international markets.

Digging Deeper:

Let’s take a look at the 10 teams just announced by NMA:

  • AdBooker (Norway) is a service where advertisers can explore, compare and book ad space across all media platforms, bringing traditional media into a programmatic market.
  • Ceretai (Sweden) is developing an analysis tool for equality in media, producing equality-related metadata on video using voice and image recognition, combined with crowd-based equality evaluations to allow broadcasters, streaming services, and ad agencies to understand their content and audiences better, and make more money.
  • Coverstories (The Netherlands) delivers stunning branded stories to mobile readers, with news covers that instantly expand into fullscreen stories.
  • IndieFrame (Denmark) provides instant access to a global database of user-generated content, creating a direct link between the media and independent photographers, video journalists and on-site smartphone reporters.
  • LAMA (Germany) provides video interviews as a service, helping businesses produce personalized video interviews in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of a professional video team.
  • The Lunicorn (Norway) is a video media brand for the mobile era, publishing hyperlocal content on the international innovation industry.
  • Lytt AS (Norway) is a publishing framework for audio journalism with an associated mobile player that can be tailor-made for the individual media houses.
  • SIGMUND Talks (Germany) is a personal marketing assistant; a chatbot that advises and accompanies you to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Travel Kollekt (Denmark) is an information platform and personalized travel planning publishing tool, producing an innovative travel guide in a dynamic and personal format.
  • True Insight (Lithuania)
  • True Insight (Lithuania) is an AI platform for consumer attention monitoring, allowing customers to test their website design and get AI insights about customers engagement.

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