For those who don’t know, Delish.com is a food-related editorial destination, with content focusing on recipes, party food, cooking guides, dinner ideas and more.

Launched in 2006, Hearst has since March 2015 relaunched the website under the helm of site Director Joanna Saltz, and it has since never gone back. Hearst reports “that the site now brings more than 14 million monthly uniques, and has increased its unique visitor count four-fold over the past year making Delish the fastest growing media brand for food”. Video views have also peaked at an all-time high of 500 million views, reaching almost 600 million audience members.

Their reported key to success has been that their editors have adopted a ‘foodie mindset’ and food fun-loving culture, meaning that their editors produce and share relatable content that their audience can try at home. All recipes are actually done in their dedicated kitchen, in order to replicate a distinct feeling of being a second home.

Joanna Saltz works on a new dessert recipe with video producer Chelsea Lupkin and senior editor Candace Braun Davison. (Photo: Ethan Calabrese)

Several key partnerships have also bolstered its syndication across multiple platforms, such as SnapChat.

Delish.com is a 14 person team that is currently 40 new recipes a week and isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

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