What’s Happening:

The new app, Yolo, has topped the charts as a viral hit. Since its release on May 2, 2019 Yolo has been downloaded approximately five million times and has held the top spot in the iTunes App Store for 10 days in a row.

Why it Matters:

Yolo’s popularity stems from teens and the Snapchat set, so if you are in neither of these groups you might not have heard of it. Yolo is an anonymous Q&A app that lets users ask their social media followers for feedback. It’s built around Snapchat and users can log into Yolo with their Snapchat credentials, making it a natural fit for this audience. While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why some apps go viral while others languish, there is one clue with Yolo: its anonymity.

Digging Deeper:


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