The Washington Post is appealing to time-pressed potential readers by offering about 70 email newsletters on subjects ranging from politics and science to inspiring messages and constructive online comments. Though some of the weekly newsletters are intended to link the reader back to the Post’s website, the primary intent in creating them is to provide independent content. The organization hopes that providing information on specific topics of interest will eventually draw readers into other levels of engagement.

In addition to these emails, the newspaper also provides push alerts through its two smartphone apps, Washington Postclassic and National suite, for both breaking news and specific topics. The Post prefers to use push notifications sparingly to avoid alienating possible customers with more trivial messages. Because most people rely on digital devices for connection and information, the hope is that the immediacy of this service will inspire greater interest in the newspaper’s other offerings.

Expanding customer engagement

Both of these strategies are ways of creating a customer-engagement funnel: a series of planned steps that gradually increase a potential client’s interest in developing a closer relationship with your brand. In this case, the goal is to provide content for immediate access and offer the option for follow-up steps such as commenting on the story or sharing it on social media.

Using retargeting methods

Besides email, other methods include saving cookies to a visitor’s computer in order to recognize them when they return and personalized campaigns based on actions. Amazon, for example, suggests items similar to those a visitor has shown interest in previously, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

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Keeping interested parties engaged via creative digital publishing is a way to strengthen the natural relationship you’ve already built and encourage increased brand loyalty.

What methods do you, as a digital publisher or online content marketer, use to retarget your audience?

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