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Google AI Experiments: Helping You Appreciate Marketing Automation

The release of Google AI Experiments as of a few days ago, is focused on not only educating users in the practical use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, rather changing the company’s pivot towards becoming an AI first company, following its recent transition of making its mobile index the primary index for collecting, indexing and ranking information.

Google AI experiments is a hub showcasing some of the simple projects Google have recently conducted,  by playing with pictures, language, music, code, and more. Access to the respective experiments and code are available.

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Image recognition, speech synthesis,  Cloud M, Keras.js, Wekinator, Tensor Flow, Convent.Js, OpenFrameworks are some of the methods used to develop these experiments, however, this does not limit you to submit something using your own method to add into Google’s showcase.

As audience development and digital publishing specialists, this provides an opportunity to take your technical marketing skills to the next level, by allowing you to develop monetised products that will help develop a 1:1 reader relationship. Something as simple as content personalisation  is something you can start off the bat in executing through AI and machine learning.

Ongoing updates will be provided in this frontier as more case studies are published on the web.

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