Sustainably grow your business through our ad revenue optimization partner

    Ad revenue optimization is an important way for publishers to generate more ad revenue. By connecting you with premium content creators, you’ll enjoy hands-on ad operations guidance as you develop the right strategy for your business.

    We work with carefully chosen partners who pride themselves on being the best in the ad publishing industry. Their solutions cater to your specific needs, challenges, and goals — and we’re here to make sure you get the best support you need to get there.

    Finding partners through us adds value for you

    There are several approaches to revenue optimization for websites and not every strategy fits every business. Our partners are experts at understanding what will work best for you. By utilizing their knowledge, you’ll save both the time and resources that would otherwise be required to figure it out on your own. 

    In addition, finding a revenue optimization expert through SODP comes with several unique benefits: 

    Faster response rates from your solution provider

    Personalized responses that cater to your problems

    Easy-to-use solutions only take you so far. You deserve better.

    We know that businesses often start monetizing their websites with AdSense because it’s easy to use. While such simple solutions may work for a time, what happens when you want to double or triple your goals, grow even more revenue, or enjoy more flexibility and support? Choosing the right ad revenue optimization service comes with valuable rewards, including:

    Improved click-through rates

    Enjoy the benefits of algorithms designed to pinpoint the ad layouts most likely to appeal to customers.

    Personalized ad ops

    Integrate ad op personalization to get your ads in front of the right users, based on their unique interests and browsing history.

    Increase bids competition for your site

    By connecting to premium exchanges like Google AdX, Amazon, Media.net, Index Exchange, OpenX, and Rubicon Project you'll be able to select from a larger pool of high-quality ads.

    Strengthened branding

    Say goodbye to spammy-looking banner ads and improve viewability with modern selections such as in-content, docked, stick, and native ads.

    Our partners’ solutions work harder for you when it’s time to up your game

    Header bidding is an advanced programmatic ad-buying solution that allows you to implement client-side, server-side, or hybrid header bidding with the click of a button.

    Fully-Managed Header Bidding

    Header bidding is considered an advanced way of programmatic ad buying -- this way, you can implement client-side, server-side, or hybrid header bidding by simply clicking a button.

    Monetize Adblock Inventory

    While ad blockers can decrease ad revenue by up to 20%, Adblock inventory monetization makes it possible for publishers to regain their losses by making money off of ad blockers themselves.

    New Generation Ad Formats

    Explore innovative new ad formats that can help you easily adapt to the latest new trends, improve viewability, and increase your revenue.

    Automated A/B Testing

    You’ll be able to easily manage and A/B test multiple ads in order to ensure you're able to select those that will generate the highest clickthrough rates.

    Access to Premium Ad Exchanges

    By connecting with premium ad exchanges, you'll be able to increase bid competition and maximize your potential revenue.

    Frequently asked questions

    Ad revenue optimization includes identifying the right pricing, customer demand, and strategies that will generate the most possible revenue. This process involves conducting a thorough analysis of price points, sales channels, and other challenges you may notice along the way. In order to successfully generate income for your business, this analysis should be both thorough and continuous.
    This can often be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why working with a partner is the best way to ensure every challenge receives the attention it needs to get resolved. By ensuring that all your bases are covered, they’ll help you develop the necessary ad revenue optimization strategies needed to maximize your income.

    Working with a certified partner is one of the ways you can maximize your profits and increase your revenue. However, you can also do so by experimenting with multiple ad formats and analyzing important metrics (CPC – cost per click, CPM – cost per mille/thousand, and CTR – click-through rate).
    It’s important to stay on top of various ad publishing trends as well as add innovation to your advertisements — all of that and much more can be done by choosing a partner through SODP. We’ll take it one step further to make sure you receive first-class support at all times and give you access to all insights available at our member’s hub.

    Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) allows marketers to manage their inventory more efficiently and increase their revenue in exchange. Essentially, it’s an ad server that allows publishers to manage all of their campaigns through a single software with intuitive tools. It enables you to organize your inventory, separate it by ad partners and efficiently target ad units on your webpage.

    EBDA gives demand partners a chance to compete for your inventory in real-time. It’s available in Ad Manager, however, it needs to be enabled first through the ‘settings’ tab on the website. With this tool, communication is done by the ad manager rather than through a code, which makes this bidding strategy much more straightforward and ideal for beginner marketers looking to step up their Ad Manager knowledge.

    Header bidding is considered an advanced tactic of increasing advertising revenue growth. It was implemented as the ultimate Google DoubleClick strategy to maximize income. It allows publishers to conduct direct auctions in order to have more control of the pricing rather than allowing the price to decrease as it goes down the queue of potential bidders.

    To use this strategy, you have to implement a code snippet in the header of the website. As the user enters a webpage, the code asks supply-side platforms (SSPs) for bids. This happens before the ad server is called which ensures increased competition as more partners place a bid on your advertising units.

    Each revenue tactic comes with its own pros and cons as well as plenty of strategies that are definitely worth exploring in more depth in order to become an even better marketer. Once you join SODP, we’ll be guiding you to a partner that will help you develop strategies that are the best and most profitable for your budget and your business — you’ll be making money in no time. Header bidding is a complex strategy, however, it’s absolutely essential if you’re looking to grow your revenue and take it to new levels. By working with one of our partners, you’ll be able to implement header bidding with a simple click of a button.

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    Why work through SODP

    If you select an ad revenue optimization partner through us, you receive extraordinary benefits that come with having a SODP membership. Most importantly, you benefit from the expertise of our partners that have decades of experience growing ad revenue for various publishers, no matter the size of their business.

    In addition to finding the right ad revenue development partner, our in-house experts have access to an array of industry-leading partners who understand the best tools and strategies your publishing operation needs to ensure your website is a success and experiences revenue growth month over month.

    We’re here to help — should you have any questions about our ad revenue optimization partners or becoming a member at SODP, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can help.

    online course

    Publisher SEO

    Learn a technical and content SEO strategy that helps digital publishers increase their organic traffic by 100-500%.

    online course

    Publisher SEO

    Learn a technical and content SEO strategy that helps digital publishers increase their organic traffic by 100-500%.