Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Seattle to keep an eye on.

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    The Stranger

    The Stranger is an online news website that provides the latest news and happenings in the city. All the news and happenings are related to Seattle city. Along with this stuff, the media website also shares complete events details, things to do in Seattle, etc. The website also provides the tickets to the events around Seattle. A comprehensive calendar of the events in Seattle is a great thing that is available on the portal. On the website of The Stranger, you will find details of the movie timings, film festival events, food & drink events, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Weed shops are also there.


    Grist is an independent non-profit news outlet. They give news stories and other informative things on the website. The non-profit online magazine is publishing news of environment and commentary since 1999. Grist headquarter is in Seattle and has 35 writer and employees. The magazine also offers the reporting, opinions, daily news, reviews of book and agricultural advice. 

    International Examiner

    The International Examiner is an Asian American Newspaper based in Seattle. The newspaper was established in the year 1974 and caters to the population of Asian Pacific Community living in the USA. International Examiner is a free bi-weekly newspaper which publishes and distributes content based on critical thinking which promotes action among the Asian American population. As of today, the International Examiner is the oldest Asian Newspaper in the Northwest. It is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. 

    Nguoi Viet Tay Bac(Vietnamese newspaper)

    Nguoi Viet Tay Bac is the oldest the longest-running Vietnamese language news source. The company publishes the newspaper twice in a week i.e on Tuesday and Friday. The edition published on Tuesday is distributed in the Washington state. The Friday edition is distributed only in Western Washington. The newspaper covers the news stories, politics & cultural news. 

    The Skanner

    Skanner is a newspaper published in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Washington. The company was established in the year 1975. Skanner also has a website where it publishes the latest news, opinions, entertainment news, classifieds, etc. With the medium of newspaper and the website, Skanner has given the advertisers a bunch of methods to show their products to the readers of Skanner. In Seattle, the publication of the newspaper started in 1999. The Skanner is known to publish news and share information for the African American Population and works for the benefit of the minorities. 

    SGN (LGBT News)

    SGN (Seattle Gay News) is a weekly newspaper which is aimed at the gay crowd of Seattle and Puget area LGBT community. It is one of the three oldest Lesbian and Gay newspaper publications in the US. For over 40 years, the SGN is serving Seattle and Pacific Northwest. It is the number one source online for the American and International Lesbian News in the USA. SGN is a weekly newspaper that provides news, movies reviews, events & Entertainment news.

    Puget Sound Business Journals

    The Puget Sound Business Journal often known as PSBJ is a weekly American City Business Journals. The journal publishes articles related to the business people, events in Seattle. This publication has also a technology news website named as TechFlash. The Puget Sound Business Journal also provides the latest news and happenings in Seattle City.

    425 Magazines

    425 Magazine is an east side magazine that focuses on local living. The company offers a lot of ideas and resources for designing, creating and building. The magazine is published by the Premier Media Group and it is in the business since 2001. All the publications are written, designed, created and published locally. 

    The Seattle Times

    The Seattle Times is a daily newspaper in Seattle. It is the largest circulation of any newspaper in the state and in the Pacific Northwest region. The newspaper was first started to circulate in the year 1891. Since 1896, it is controlled by the Blethen family. In the year 1891, the daily circulation was 3500 and by 1915 the circulation stood 70000. The Seattle Times is renowned across for its investigation-oriented journalism due to which it has bagged 10 Pulitzer awards. 

    Sound Rider

    The Sound Rider is the online magazine in Seattle. This magazine is all about motorcycling and was established by Tom Mehren in the year 1999. The motorcycling magazine features the editorial about the people, events associated with motorcycling in the NorthWest region. The Sound Rider website also has its own online store that deals with the motorcycling related items.

    Captive Eye Media

    Captive Eye Media is a video production company based in Seattle and deals in the marketing and public relations video, event coverage and other brand imaging aspects. Creation of Web and broadcasting content is the specialty of the Captive Eye Media. Captive Eye Media is known to look after the customer’s needs and curates a plan as per the budget.


    It is a company in Seattle that delivers live video broadcasts on the Internet. In 2015, iStreamPlanet was acquired by the Turner Broadcasting and now it is operated by the WarnerMedia Entertainment. This company set up shop back in 2000 by a former NBA player, Mio Babic. The company streams many sports events, such as the FIFA World cup, F1 racing, Super Bowl, etc. The company also creates leading-edge technology that solves the core problems of OTT media. 


    Foodista is an online news website that gives the food news source, cooking and online recipes. The website has articles on food, recipes, cooking techniques, food news, and cooking tools. Foodista aims is to provide the information in all aspects of food and food preparation. Foodista was established in the year 2007. The backbone of Foodista is the contribution of food bloggers, contributors and other writers who have built the website gradually. 

    Washington Post

    The Washington Post is one of the most vibrant and news sharing portals in Seattle. With 47 Pulitzer awards in their bag, this newspaper has benchmarked the entire news reporting industry and promotes authentic and true to the word content. It was the Washington Post’s journalists who investigated and brought to the forefront, the Watergate Scandal. The online and print media daily publication provides information reports and shares news spanning from a diverse area including technology, world, and politics (with a particular focus on the national and federal government). 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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