Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in New York City to keep an eye on.

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    Vice Media

    Vice Media is a digital broadcasting company which runs online content (verticals and other news websites) and video content (web series and videos). Along with this, they also run a production studio and own Vice Records. Originating from the Voice of Montreal they work independently in the Publishing business. And with it share authentic content with the viewers spanning from various industries. .


    Viacom has operations in all the media and digital arenas starting from television and film production to merchandise studios and events. Viacom runs a plethora of TV channels all across the world and is the pioneer of digital media in the 21st Century. Viacom has several other operations including Viacom 18 and Viacom Media Networks. The Viacom networks are entertaining the global audience with their video content and are working with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

    Conde Nast

    You may recognize Conde Nast as the company which brought us Vogue Magazine. Conde Nast which started in 1909 with Vogue which the owner published bought in that year today owns a dozen such magazines and online media brands. They also have businesses in digital and social media along with entertaining their customers through print media. Through its various brands and services, Conde Nast covered every aspect of our lives starting from lifestyle to technology and everything in between. 

    The New York Times Company

    Authenticity is the USP of the NYT Company. Since stepping into the field of Digital Media after 1994 they have built a strong connection among the readers. They publish content related to Business, Technology and daily news which affects everyday new yorker and any other person. NYT Company has some Pulitzer Winning Journalist working with them. Residing in New York they have a global outreach and are influencing the world opinion with their work. 


    CBS is yet another world-famous digital media company which produces, broadcasts and distributes digital content to subscribers all across the world. News, sports, film, TV, Broadcast, Radio, Distribution, Magazines, products and network these are a few fields in which the company has its footprints in. One of the largest media companies in the world CBS has a powerful impact on the viewers. 


    WebMD caters specifically to human health and shares the means and ways to ensure our well being. The online publishing platform of WebMD is one of the most authentic and credible sources of getting information on health and lifestyle. Through their online portal, they also provide services for the physicians and some private clients. The medicine portals like Medscape, eMedicine among others are also working under the umbrella of WebMD. 

    Insider Inc

    Earlier called as Business Insider Inc. this company set up shop in the year 2007. Up until 2017, it was solely catering to the financial news and stories. But starting December 2017, the company planned to expand the operations and serve the Social Media and other related fields. Insider Inc. collectively with its different brands and operations runs up to 50 verticals and publish content for the world audience. 

    Vox Media

    From SportsBlog Inc. in 2005 to Vox Media in 2011, the transition of this digital media company is exciting and amazingly fast. With its 6 brands, Vox Media covers the field of Technology, sports, games technology, food and lifestyle, and real estate industries. 

    The financial proprietorship of Vox Media is strengthened through its ventures including Vox Creative, Vox Entertainment, and Vox Media Podcast Network. 

    Tribune Publishing Group

    Incepted as the Chicago Tribune, the company today runs 7 widely popular print media and digital media operations plus a number of other websites and platforms. With a heavy customer base, this group has been designated as one of the most significant media moguls in the country. The group shortened their name in 2016 to ‘Tronc’. Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Sun Sentinel, Hartford Courant, Morning Call, Daily Press are only some of the verticals published by The Tribune. 

    The Skimm

    The Skimm has a set of targeted readers consisting of urban Women who are aged between 22 to 34. Now along with a daily newsletter distribution, the Skimm has developed a mobile application to reach out to a higher number of readers and connect with them in real time. With its newsletters and content, the Skimm aims to help you live smarter, better and healthier. 

    Group Nine Media

    Group Nine Media was founded by the merger of four digital media brands – Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker, and JASH, with the former company Sourcefed. It claims to land 5 billion views every month, along with an outreach to 80% American adults. Group Nine Media is also among the top publishers on the social platform, delivering over platforms that are most admired by the millennial users.

    Warner Media Group

    Owned by AT&T Warner Media Group is an entertainment magnate developing Film, TV, Cable and engaging content for world audiences. Warner Media Group was ranked at 98th place in the Fortune 500 list of largest US Companies. This group is considered as one of the largest digital media groups of the world and prides itself huge entertainment library. 

    News Corp

    News Corp is a spin-off of News Corporation and today they work in the publishing industry. News Corp owns the brands like the Jones and Company, News UK, Realtor.com and HarperCollins. News Corp focuses on creating and distributing authoritative content through its various channels and media organs. News Corp has a truly diversified media portfolio with an aim to engage customers spanning from across the globe. 

    American Broadcasting Company

    From a small radio network to one of the largest digital media production houses in the world, ABC has a huge portfolio to call its own. It has produced some award-winning shows and with it caters to a large viewership. The ABC Entertainment Group has under its wings ABS Studios which takes care of the distribution of content and benchmarks the quality of content. ABC also has the largest number of broadcast affiliation in the US. 

    Bauer Xcel Media

    A digital division of Bauer Media Group, Bauer Xcel Media designs digital products and magazines, besides print media and radio programs. They have built an outreach of more than 150 million users per month, including 12 million women, through their brands – WomansWorld, SoapsinDepth, Sweepon, and FirstforWomen. Their service sector includes media products that encourage women both professionally, and personally.


    With a cumulative viewership of more than 7 million people Cheddar has broadcasting rights on platforms like the Hulu Tv, Sling Tv, Philo, Facebook Watch and many more. They also have two exclusive TV Channels to their name, one for business specific news and other is Big News. The main target group of Cheddar is the millennials to whom they report and share everything from the floor of NYSE. 

    Gimlet Media

    Gimlet Media is an award-winning digital media company that operates a high-quality podcast network. StartUp (starting businesses), Reply All (internet and people), Crimetown (organized crime) and the Pitch (entrepreneurs in need of venture funding) are four of its many podcasts that serve users across different domains. Gimlet Media podcasts get over 12 million downloads every month, on a global scale.

    Everyday Health Group

    The Everyday Health Group owns and delivers content and media in the health and wellness sector. They are also one of the largest consumer health websites, with a registered community of 70 million users. This group enables people to make the right decisions through its products like MyDaily, Tippi, Visualizer, etc. They have a team of health experts, journalists, etc, that disseminate reliable health information to its user base.

    Circa Publishing House

    Primarily a publishing house, Circa also works in the field of increasing social media presence and brand overhauling. The major client portfolio of Circa consists of Celebrities and businesses who want to expand their outreach. Circa is the pioneer of the Internet and knows how to break into the masses. Their USP is their strategy with the help of bespoke content and technology which gives a new pathway to the clients brand image and portfolio. 

    Slate Studios

    Majorly, Slate Studios is a creative content production company which works in for the fashion, beauty and Lifestyle Industries. Their customer base includes some of the biggest brands in the Fashion world today for which they create and develop engaging content with a focus on advertising and their promotion. 


    Quartz is a proactive news publishing and media house sharing news and content creation company that is built for the business community. Quartz is also into journalism and with it, they publish and distribute content in over 47 languages. They have their own websites, video productions facilities and applications to address users on all types of devices and platforms. 

    Cox Media Group

    The Cox Media Group is a subsidiary of the global conglomerate Cox Enterprises. Being an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company, it owns newspapers, TV and radio stations, cable networks, etc. Also, this award-winning group has a team of broadcasters, journalists, publishers, digital media experts, etc that help serve a user base of more than 50 million Americans.

    Forbes Media

    Forbes is a global media company with business, investments, finance, technology, and lifestyle as its key focus areas. A leading business magazine, it is best known for its rankings, including the richest businessmen, entrepreneurs, and companies. Forbes Media has an amazing outreach to about 30 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. 


    This company provides solutions to the video streaming companies service providers. Their aim is to allow these houses amplify the user experience along with making a cut in the costs. They have an innovative work pitch which attracts a customers base ranging from Media companies to TV networks and online streaming companies. Streamroot is a technologically advanced company which optimizes the content delivery across a number of platforms. 

    aNb Media

    aNb Media is one of the top publisher firms in NY, with b2b Magazine, Toys & Family Entertainment, and TTPM being its leading publications. Its focus areas include toys, babies, pets as well as kid’s entertainment and licensing industries. It’s the go-to place for both toy buyers and sellers, as it keeps them all updated with the latest trends, news, and analysis of the related industries.


    MBG is a wellness brand which publishes latest and user-friendly content for the benefit of the readers. The aim is to include all the health aspects and then create exclusive content which has the power to influence the reader and persuade them towards adopting healthy life practices. MindBodyGreen wishes to become a pioneer of information sharing in the health and wellness industry. 

    Dujour Media Group

    Dujour is a nationally acclaimed content driven platform which caters to the lux lifestyle. It has subscriptions from among the affluent readers who own more than $1 million worth estates. The Dujour Media Group encompasses a customer base which spans from entrepreneurs to CEO’s who admire a lavish lifestyle. 


    Swirled targets everything from the food we eat to how we think, they produce interesting and interactive content. Distribution of this content is done through newsletters and web publishing. With thier publishing, Swirled helps the readers to live a healthy life, explore the world and thrive. Swirled indulges in the extensive use of social media to distribute their content and reach out to a wider audience. 

    Now This

    Now This prioritizes in distributing video news content on their portal. They share news and other topics in the form of episodes and cover topics like technology and politics through them. Their target group is the nerds, political gurus, and the general public with whom Now This wants to share the truth and help them know what is going on around the world. 


    For music lovers and by music lovers, Genius Media is a unique venture where everything is about music only. Through this platform, the Genius team spreads interesting snippets of knowledge to the music. The aim is to find the story behind the music and then share it with the readers. 


    Flipboard uses an innovative method to address the readers. Flipboard acts like an aggregator of sorts whereby it filters content from various online media platforms and then shares them with the subscribers in the form of an online magazine. With offices in a few cities, Flipboard addresses the world audience in 21 languages. 


    Pond5 is the world’s largest digital stock content archive. More importantly, they offer royalty-free media to their users who are present around the world. Most of these users are filmmakers, producers, and video content creators. Pond5 has made available the most vibrant archive of video footage to the users through its platform. 


    Frederator is an independent animation house which primarily produces video content for artists who writers and artists. In New York, Frederator Digital develops animated series for company’s subscription-based channel named Cartoon Hangover Select. Frederator Network is one the largest production network made available to artists, writers, gamers and other sorts of entertainers. 


    The RELEVANT Magazine defines the combination of God with Pop Culture. Majorly, this is a Christain lifestyle bi-monthly magazine with a customer base of more than 70,000 readers. Through their website, Relevant merges the important news content only to share it with its younger and middle-aged subscriber’s portfolio. 


    Considerable is a niche website which publishes content for the citizens aged between 50 to 70 years. They wish to support their readers and making them realize the potential and the beauty of old age. They cover issues like money, insurance, healthy lifestyle and family and create proactive content for the readers. Considerable has informative guides, critical decision making exploratories to help the aged readers make an informed decision.

    Verizon Communications

    Verizon is a telecommunications giant with products like cable TV, digital television, landline, broadband, phone, IPTV, Internet, and Telematics. In the realm of digital media, Verizon provides the latest technological advancements to the clients and help transform the way people interact with online content. They use 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and other state of the art technologies to assist their clients. 


    This New York based Stock photography, footage, and music content company. Also, they provide modern age editing tools that are innovative and help people from various backgrounds create bespoke work through their platform. This online market place holds over 200 million images and 10 million videos which do not invite royalty. 

    Karma Network

    Karma Network is a pioneer in providing expert advice to the leading investors with the help of market analysis and sorting out the risks from the profits. With this, they aim to shape new business only to achieve maximum growth. The Karma Network shares actionable insights that help the investors make smart and well-informed decisions. 

    Open Reel

    Open Reel is an innovate method for remote direction via the subject’s phone or any other video recording device. The ability to shoot videos remotely is what strikes as the most significant feature which is targetted at Small businesses all the way up to the global enterprises. The Remote Capture technology with the ability to record high definition videos is what strikes as the best feature for a number of the corporate world patrons. 


    Dot Dash was introduced as About.com and today this online media company has a worldwide presence by the way of its various brands. These include Verywell, Spruce, Investopedia, Lifewire, Byrdie, Mydomaine, Tripsavvy, Thought co among others. Dot Dash majorly strikes as an encyclopedia in different domains spanning from health and lifestyle to the business world. 


    Refinery29 is a women-centric digital media company and engages the audience with engaging content. Their platform has videos, stories and much more sharing the real-life experiences of women from across the globe. Refinery29 is on a mission to change the very thought process about women in the world and for this, they have launched a few initiatives including Shatterbox Anthology, The 67% and 29 rooms etc. 

    Wait What

    Wait what is a new age media distribution platform with innovative technologies and groundbreaking content creation abilities. They are different from others because their content aims at driving change and provokes the thought process of the viewers and readers. 


    This is a health, lifestyle and food publication which is devoted to the wellness of the demography. Today Well+Good is the go-to source for everything about wellness and a chic lifestyle. They have impeccable reporting and have become an incredible source of authentic information in the wellness domain. 


    Octopart is akin to Google for all electronic and industrial parts made available for the users. It is an online aggregator that helps users look for and buy the required product. Octopart has interest in the engineers and companies which require the electronic parts. They are like a one-stop solution for the engineers with respect to all the necessary information required to work with an electronic component. 

    Shine Media

    Shine Media works to help their clients re-imagine their brand value and help them to address the customers in a better and engaging manner. Shine Media strives to understand the client business before developing a bespoke strategy by creating videos and imagery that has the power to provoke the customer’s thought process. 


    Editional uses the Blockchain technology to distribute the digital content with the readers and engages in a new and better more proficient manner. This platform is equally advanced and amazingly beneficial for creators and owners of the digital content. With blockchain at the helm, Editional aims to set a new defining trend of digital ownership with much more to offer in the near future. 


    Bustle, Romper, Elite Daily and The Zoe Report. These are the most prominent online digital publications run by the parent organization bustle. Bustle is a women-focused digital group whose target is the 21st Century Millenial women. Through these publications, bustle covers the topics on lifestyle, fashion, news and entertainment all of which is targeting at the modern woman. 


    Fatherly as a digital media brand is exclusively catering to dads and they publish and share content that helps the fathers live more fulfilling adult lives. They develop online series, reports, run podcasts, and hold events. Fatherly is known to provide the best parenting advice for dads which includes product recommendations and additional resources for the parents. 

    Minute Media

    Minute Media started from Israel and today they have operations the NYC from where they take a birds-eye view of the US Sports, esports and lifestyle. The four brands run by Minute Media include 90Min, 12Up, DBLTAP, and Mental Floss. Minute Media approaches various genres with these brands all brimming with creativity, and authentic content. 

    Apartment Therapy Media

    Apartment Therapy is everything about your apartment’s design and its environment. This online publishing platform started as a normal blog but quickly transformed into a media company. Today Apartment Therapy Media facilitates DIY guides, guides, life-saving tips, and advisory topics all focussed on making your house look extravagant yet simple. 

    Outcome Health

    Outcome Health has received the single highest funding round in Chicago of $600 million. The outcome Health is not just an online blog, rather it is developing ways and methods to help the physicians interact better with the patients. All the more they are providing authentic information to the patients regarding their health and wellness. The aim is to improve the Point of care experience for everybody associated with Outcome Health. 

    Grit Daily

    From sports to entertainment and lifestyle to technology, Grit Daily covers a wide area of everything that affects human life. Grit Daily has an expansive team of writers, columnists, editors who are always bringing amazing stories and interesting snippets in front of their audiences. They have a dedicated sports media platform and also host events in NYC, Toronto, LA, SF and other happening cities in North America. 

    Fubo TV

    A dedicated over the internet sports TV service, Fubo TV covers games like the NBA, and Soccer. Majorly, Fubo TV runs in the USA and Canada. It has live streaming channels, news, along with other video and other types of content, focussed on football and a few other games. FuboTV support all kinds of devices, including mobile, Tablets, computer and television. 

    Bucket Listers

    Bucket listers aggregate all the information about a city for sharing it with the readers. Their platform includes to-do listings, best places to visit, and other crucial heading anyone needs to know about a city. Bucket Listers arranges the information as per the season, events, and other festivals that are indigenous to that city. 

    Discovery Digital Media

    Discovery digital media has benchmarked the infotainment industry. Run by Discovery Communications this segment distributes engaging content with the viewers spanning from across the world. Discovery Digital is also the 3ed largest media company currently operating in the USA. They produce and distribute content from science and technology, and other related sectors. 

    News Week

    NewsWeek shares stories and news with the readers from the globe and has been doing it for the last 80 years. They are experts in making an in-depth analysis of the important international events, tech, financial businesses and much more. They work in online media and also share content through print media in North America, Europe, and Asia. 


    BuzzFeed is an online digital media company which has set up shop right here in NYC. They share data with a touch of innovation with their worldwide customer base. The topics covered by Buzzfeed span from food, lifestyle, technology and everything else. The Food blog by Buzzfeed namely ‘Tasty’ is the largest social food network in the world. 


    If any platform is to be called as the best source of pop culture news and gossip, Hollywood.com is the way to go. They cover everything about Hollywood, from movies to TV shows and from the cast to the vanity boys and everything in between. Their digital media services take hollywood.com to major events, movie premieres, and comic cons. 

    The Street

    The Street is primarily a finance and business-centric online information sharing platform. There are in total financial blogs and websites that are working under The Street. These are MainStreet.com, Stockrpickr, BankingmyWay.com, The Deal, DealFlow Media. 


    Lifestyle is an independent LLC company based out of Kentucky. They publish weekly newsletters and post regular immersive content on the online platform. Lifestyle covers everything related to the local news, entertainment and art commentary. Lifestyle also published movie and book reviews and features the local artists, musicians, and other artists and creatives. 

    Ziff Davis

    Since its inception, Ziff Davis has been working in the realm of publishing expensive hobbyists information and articles. These hobbies include photography, electronics, and cars. Ziff Davis also printed and distributed fiction magazines. Today Ziff Davis also has television channels, heavy online presence and are called as Ziff Davis Media Inc. 

    New York Daily News

    Popularly called as the Daily News, this publishing cum media company has bagged 11 Pulitzer awards. They publish true to the word content for world audiences right here from New York City. As a Media Company, they help the clients by developing content for their business and then sharing it for the customers’ interaction and engagement. 

    The XO Group

    Wedding bells are always ringing with the newly formed Knot Worldwide. This online media publishing service provider generates and shares content related to weddings and everything about them. From wedding planning to deciding a vacation destination, all the info is there on their platform in an immersive layout. 


    Newsday serves the local areas of the NYC and Long Island specifically, but the print media version of Newsday is distributed in all of New York Metropolitan area. The online platform of Newsday covers topics like business, science and tech, finance, entertainment, opinions, politics and much more. 

    SB Nation

    Expanded as Sports Blog Nation, this online media house is owned by Vox Media and caters to everything about sports. Today SBN covers all types of regional, national and international sports and share the game reviews, player performances, live updates, schedules, and all other kinds of information regarding the games. 

    Dow Jones

    Dow Jones is run by its parent company News Corp and they are the pioneers of disseminating all kinds of financial information with the global company leaders, government representatives, and entrepreneurs. Plus, investors, bankers, merchants, stockbrokers keep a close eye on Dow Jones for the latest financial information which makes a whole lot of difference in their decision making. 


    Hearst Communications is named as one of the largest online publishing houses based out of NYC. Hearst operates through news tabloids, online tools TV channels, and magazines. Along with this, Hearst also has operations in the financial sector where they are ruling the industry with brands like Fitch Ratings and First Databank. 

    A&E Networks

    A joint venture of Heart and Walt Disney, A&E Networks has a plethora of digital brands and owns some of the most popular TV Channels which have a global presence. A&E networks have a global presence and their audiences are present in every corner of the world. Some of the brands owned by them are History, Lifetime, FYI, Viceland, Lifetime Movies, and Biography. 

    Thrillist Media Group

    The motive of this media group is to make the readers satisfied and happy That is why they cover Food, Travel, Drink, and Entertainment industry. After merging with the DODO, Now this and Seeker, they have become Group Nine Media. 

    New York Post

    Originally, this is a daily newspaper tabloid being distributed in the city. But in the digital media domain, they have products like Pagesix.com, Decider.com and are also the producers of a TV show Page Six TV. Photos, news, videos, snippets, features articles, the NY post has a variety of methods with which they share their content with the readers. 

    The DoDo

    The DoDo is an online platform for animal lovers. They create and share videos, illustrations, information, eye catchy news, inspiring stories and much more than this just to bring people closer to the animals. The Dodo is using the potential of digital media beautifully to create awareness about the animals for the people who love them. 

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