Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Nashville to keep an eye on.

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    Documentary Channel: A production house for revealing the truth

    The company Documentary channel was a satellite tv network and American digital cable company that highlighted documentary programming. The documentary channel company aired the documentary films that were not released in the US from all around the world. Later this company based in Nashville along with the halogen tv were replaced by the Pivot – a channel that focused on the adults that have an age group of 18 – 34 years. The chief function and intention of the documentary channel were to expose the truth behind all of the historical stories, events, crimes, etc. 

    Thomas Nelson: Publisher of Books and articles on Christianity

    Thomas Nelson is a company based in Nashville that provides content related to religion such as Christianity. This company was started in the year 2012 by Harper Collins in order to become one of the two publishing houses that form Harper Collins Christian Publishing. Since the quiet beginning of the company, Thomas Nelson has continued devoted to collecting, producing and advertising creators whose content encourages, informs, and changes the lives of many readers.  Thomas Nelson is committed to one principal mission: i.e. to inspire the world with the Christian content that encourages the biblical beliefs and acknowledges Jesus Christ. 

    NashvillePost.comOnline Subscription based News service for Nashville

    NashvillePost.com is a company which provides online news covering the following fields such as politics, business, and sports in the Nashville city area. It is provincially owned and accessible by subscription. Also, NashvillePost.com encounters with another daily news media in the Middle Tennessee area by vowing to offer an absolutely local perspective to business, sports, and politics.  

    The Nashville Ledger: Memphis Metro Area’s Best News Source

    Earlier in the year 1978, The Nashville Ledger was known as The Westview company, which was founded by Doug Underwood. The Nashville Ledger is a channel that provides online news information concerning the business, commerce, sports, etc. But later in the year 2010, the online news provider, Nashville Ledger was obtained by The Daily News Publishing Co. Since its beginnings in 1886 as The Daily Abstract of Transfers, The Daily News has subserved an essential role in the Memphis metro area as the root for regular information and news. 

    Nashville Tennessean: A Subscription based Tennessean Daily newspaper

    The Nashville Tennessean is one of the foremost daily newspaper in Nashville, Tennessee. Its distribution area comprises 39 provinces in middle Tennessee and eight provinces in southern Kentucky. It is maintained by the Gannett Corporation, which also boasts numerous petite community newspapers in Middle Tennessee, including the Ashland City Times, the Gallatin News-Examiner, the Dickson Herald, the Hendersonville Star-News, and the Fairview Observer. The company has also spread several specialisation publications, such as the Nashville Lifestyles magazine. 

    Allrecipies.com – Food-focused online social networking service

    With Allrecipies.com everything is about food and its lip-smacking taste. All recipes is a community based online social networking platform. Some dedicated members of the community post recipes on the portal for others to follow and try it on their own. Earlier operated by Readers Digest, Allrecipies.com was sold out to the Meredith Corporation in 2012. The readers will find recipes on the platform based on the season, types, occasions, and ingredients, all of which makes it convenient for the reader to figure out how to calm their hunger cravings. 

    W. Scripps CompanyBroadcasters and Publishers

    The E. W. Scripps Company is a television or broadcasting company which was set in the year 1878 as a succession of daily newspapers by Edward Willis E. W. Scripps. In the beginning, the company was also a media conglomerate. The organization is headquartered inside the Scripps Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The corporate motto of this company is to “Give light and the people will obtain their own way”. Also, the E. W. Scripps company deals in DIY Network, cooking channel, HGTV, Food Network, Fine living, etc. 

    Meredith Corporation: Television, Magazines, and Radio Media Conglomerate

    Meredith Corporation is a media conglomerate American company which is based in Des Moines, Iowa. The company holds radio stations, television stations, and magazines. Meredith’s publications have more than 120 million readerships and paid dissemination of more than 40 million. Also, the websites of the company have approximately 135 million monthly new visitants. Meredith’s broadcast television stations reach 11% of U.S. households. The company was started by the Edwin Thomas Meredith in the year 1902 while publishing the successful farming magazines. Also, the company Meredith Corporation businesses incorporate a few magazines i.e Food and Wine, Family Fun, and Better Homes and Gardens. The company also boast a production house named as the Time Inc and Productions. 

    Townsquare Media: Entertainment and Media Company with Market Leading solutions

    Townsquare Media, Inc. – previously known as the Regent Communications until the year 2010 is an American media company and radio network company and based in Greenwich, Connecticut. The company was started from radio and then slowly- slowly expanded itself into a digital media company at the end of the year 2000. Also, in the starting, the company added the MOG Music Network. Also, until now town square has adopted many companies. Later in the year 2018, Townsquare became the 3rd-largest AM–FM operator in the country, boasting over 320 radio stations in 66 markets. 

    Salem Media Group: Broadcaster and Published focussed on Family and Christianity

    Salem media group is a company based in Camarillo, California which provides services such as Internet content, radio broadcasting, publishing books, and magazines. In addition to the radio properties of the company, the company also boasts a Salem Radio Network, which syndicates talk, news and music programming to approximately 2,400 affiliates. The company mainly focus on and target the audience interested in the Christian and what it represents as family-themed content and traditional values.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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