Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Miami to keep an eye on.

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    Havas Media International Miami

    The Havas Group is an international brand in marketing and digital media solutions. Under their wing the Havas Media International works as a communications solutions provider in the Americas. They are the pioneers in strategizing efficacious business development models for their clients which span from the top business companies to technology houses. 

    Vice Media

    Vice Media is a digital broadcasting company which runs online content (verticals and other news websites) and video content (web series and videos). Along with this, they also run a production studio and own Vice Records. Originating from the Voice of Montreal they work independently in the Publishing business. And with it share authentic content with the viewers spanning from various industries. 

    2C Media

    2C Media is an amazingly creative and proficient digital media house which produces content and designs effective campaigns for the clients. They have an in-house graphics studio along with an editing team plus audio systems. The 2C originals, a production house under its wing has successfully developed TV shows like Swamp Wars, Florida Untamed and Dr. Miami among others. 

    Midtown Miami Magazine

    The starting of Midtown Miami Magazine was a blog and today they have developed into an amazing ebook and digital media publisher in Miami. They have also developed a mobile application which shares interesting snippets about Miami and attracts millions of users. The Miami Magazine publishes content ranging from drinks, food, lifestyle, and everything else a local needs to know about their hometown. 

    Conde-Nast Americas

    You may recognize Conde Nast as the company which brought us Vogue Magazine. Conde Nast which started in 1909 with Vogue which the owner published bought in that year today owns a dozen such magazines and online media brands. They also have businesses in digital and social media along with entertaining their customers through print media. Through its various brands and services, Conde Nast covered every aspect of our lives starting from lifestyle to technology and everything in between. 

    Sun Sentinel Media Group

    A part of the Tribune Publishing Group the Sun Sentinel is a daily print and online media platform that caters to the audiences of Florida and the nearby county. As a Media Group they word with big brands to increase their presence and develop a brand-specific customer base for the people. 

    Miami Herald Media Company

    This is a like a media powerhouse which develops strategies and customer focussed content for the businesses. Not a typical marketing company, but MH media company leverages the power of digital media and conveys the right pitch of a brand to the customers. Along with this, they also work in the areas of publishing dailies, verticals, magazines, planning events and work with custom media strategies. 

    VS Media Group

    Majorly working as a publishing house for the online media and content delivery, the VS media group has a wide array of operations. They are the publishers of some top-notch magazines and other publications most of them catering to the travel industry. Along with their huge publication network, the VS media group also works in digital services and advertising network. 

    Cox Media Group

    The Cox Media Group is a subsidiary of the global conglomerate Cox Enterprises. Being an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company, it owns newspapers, TV and radio stations, cable networks, etc. Also, this award-winning group has a team of broadcasters, journalists, publishers, digital media experts, etc that help serve a user base of more than 50 million Americans.

    Tampa Bay Times

    A 12 Times Pulitzer Prize winning publication the Tampa Bay Times is an effective source to authentic information in Florida. Owned by the Times Publishing Company, a group which also caters to other kinds of services from the advertising and media publications field. Tampa Bay Times also has an online presence and is available on iPad and Amazon Kindle for the users. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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