Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Manchester to keep an eye on.

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Manchester Evening News

Referred to as MEN, it is an online and print media news publication which caters mostly to the greater Manchester area. Running from Monday to Saturday this newspaper shares the buzzing news and stories about the city with the readers. MEN is run by Reach Plc, the largest publishing house in the UK and addresses up to 40 thousand readers everyday. MEN was also bestowed with Newspaper and Website of the year in 2018.

Manchester Gazette

The main defining points of the Manchester Gazette are that it is a conformist newspaper and does not follow Toryism. Apart from this, the online news publication website covers topics from the business and political world. Manchester Gazette is more into news analysis and in-depth reporting of stories and other political events.

South Manchester News

South Manchester News is a community newspaper which runs online and reaches out to a large number of people. More important than news reporting, this website gives the people and communities to share their views on their platform. They can tell their side of the story and share it with a large group of people.

Oldham Evening Chronicle

Run by a Radio Station the Oldham Evening Chronicle is an online publication serving the Greater Manchester and nearby areas. The focus is on four main news content which is divided into Main News, Business, Community and Sports. The Oldham Evening Chronicle today is only available online and does not have a print version. 

The Rochdale Observer

Originally a tabloid running since 1859, The Rochdale Observer started the online publication in 1998 and has seen tremendous growth in its readership since then. The Rochdale Observer is yet another title owned by Reach Plc and serves the areas of Heywood, Littleborough, Middleton, and Rochdale. 

Wigan Today

Wigan Today is like a local guide for everything that a citizen needs to know about the area in which they are living. The areas covered by this online publication include sports, traffic, travel, weather, crime, business, politics, education, health, and whatnot. For the stories which are more stressed and require a high readership percentage, they segregate it to include in the Must Read section. 

Snack Media

Snack Media a sports frenzy online publication house and has a subscriber readership of more than 26 million fans. From written content and analysis to video and social media, they cover each and every area only to reach out to address the sports fandom across the world. Moreover, they also create campaigns for their clients which includes organizations like Ford, Europcar, Samsung, BT Sport, EA Sports, Liverpool and many more.

The Bolton

The Bolton is an online news and information sharing platform owned by Newsquest and serves the areas of Bolton and Bury. Started in 1867, the Bolton News has a readership base of near to 8000 print publication and more than 50,000 online publication. The Bolton has a wide coverage of events and other happenings in and around the city. They cater to subjects like education, opinion, sports among others. 

Insider Media

Insider Media along with being an online publication for all sorts of B2B companies and organizations holds events for the same. They are the curators of surveys, polls, in-depth analysis, and other top business meetings coverage. Insider Media reaches out to its consumer base via 5 print magazines, email newsletters, and their own website. The cumulative reader base today reaches up to 5 lakh people. 

Cognitive Business Media

Cognitive Business Media aims to provide original and engaging content to the readers through their magazines, website, and email newsletters. They also hold events spanning from the railway sector to other business, related areas and spread awareness along with enabling connections. 

Co-Op News

Cooperative News is a unique publication that allows for the readers an engaging and thought-provoking content sharing. A number of individuals, cooperatives, businesses, and other organizations are the members of this media company. In total, the Co-op News covers the health, sports, education, Energy, housing, mutuals, agriculture, and banking sector. 

Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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