Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Amsterdam to keep an eye on.

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    The Best Social

    The Best Social is an Amsterdam based company which excels in leveraging the power of social media. They have three different wings in publishing, studio, and events. The Best Social works for clients ranging from all types of industries and helps them in rebranding and setting up a new image. 


    MTV is owned by Viacom and is popular in the country for broadcasting romantic and lifestyle shows and other sorts of content. MTV Netherlands also shares the music industry news and other sorts of information with the viewers through their website and TV channel. The MTV Netherlands channel also has international shows currently running in the country. 

    Leader Herald

    The Leader Herald is a country-wide famous online news and content sharing platform which has a wide audience and is originally based in New York. In total, this online and print media newspaper has a 5000 reader subscription and more than 12000 readers. The content ranges from local news, sports to lifestyle and in-depth analysis. 

    De Correspondent

    De Correspondent works with a unique style where the journalists have divided their work areas and report a chronological order based topical content. Started in 2013, De Correspondent has expanded its readership to more than 18000 members. Come September 2019, they are also starting an English only The Correspondent news website on the same lines as De Correspondent.

    FD MediaGroep

    The FD MeidaGroep is a financial domain and takes on the responsibility to share content and information high-level executives, CEO’s and helps them be up to date with all kinds of financial information. Other than financial information sharing platform this group also works for other industries and runs a radio station. 

    De Telegraaf

    De Telegraaf is the most popular daily newspaper in the country and has a huge readership and is owned by the Telegraaf Media Groep. In the country, De Telegraaf is popular for sharing sensational news content and sports news with the readers. More importantly, they also run campaigns for political parties. 

    De PersGroep

    This is a publishing house which caters to a wide expanse of readership has various websites, magazines and news media to its name. The curated content is available for the readers on a number of platforms including mobile, tablet and desktops. De Persgroep has a team of 1200 journalists and is one of the largest media houses in the country. 

    Telegraaf Media Groep

    Originated in Belgium the Telegraaf Media Groep produces regional news websites, dailies and radio stations catering to specific region and areas. Their websites and Radio stations cover some dedicated subjects and also have a universal approach through the others. This includes e-commerce, entertainment, news, sports, lifestyle, home and decor and much more. 

    Vrij Nederland

    Started as an underground newspaper, Vrij Nederland has since transformed into a magazine and is more skewed towards the left wing ideology. This magazine is also considered as one of the most influential and thought-provoking magazines in the country. 

    NOS Nieuws

    NOS is a large media publisher group in the country which also has its own radio station along with broadcasting on the Television. NOS covers the whole wide world in their news reporting and is also present on the mobile via its dedicated application. 

    RTL Nieuws

    RTL Nieuws is a dedicated news broadcasting TV station which has more than 17 bulletins to share the information that affects the whole demography of the country. The cumulative viewership of 2 million from across the nation. 


    Nu.nl is a new age online-only newspaper reporting and sharing information from various sectors and on different subjects. They have political editors in places like the Hague and sense the nerve of the political health of the country. Started in 1999, Nu.nl is also the first online news website started in the country. 

    Algemeen Dagblad

    This is a news publication that started circulation in 1946. And today has a wide readership spanning from young to old aged citizens of the country. Along with this, they also have two regional publications for the Hague and the Rotterdam regions. 

    Omroep Brabant

    Omroep Brabant is both a public broadcasting channel and a radio station in the Netherlands. Mainly the radio station and the TV channel share news and other types of information dissemination content with the listeners and viewers. Omroep Brabant covers all four directions of the country and shares with the people all sorts of informative articles, photos, and videos.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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