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    If you’ve ever had an article about your business that went viral, you probably noticed that this had an impact on your hosting server which, in return, affected the whole website and its speed. Page loading delays and even outright crashes can happen. But the good news is that the right content management system (CMS) and hosting service impacts how well your website performs when under this kind of pressure.

    How do you find the right hosting solutions? You can turn to us.
    We’ve found dedicated partners that know what it takes to provide cutting-edge, top-of-the-line service for active businesses. They can host scalable websites without sacrificing performance as pages and functionality are added over time.

    Why Choose A Partner Through SODP?

    SODP partners know web hosting and they have relationships with trusted providers that provide businesses with the quality service they’re looking for. Although there are many web hosting providers that businesses can choose from, SODP narrows down the possible choice for you. Instead of evaluating ten or fifteen possible providers with questionable service records, you can be assured that partners chosen by SODP are reliable and experienced.
    Even better, when you choose a partner through us, you become an SODP member with benefits including:

    Faster response rates from your solution provider

    Personalized responses that cater to your problems

    Smooth, reliable functionality prevents growth headaches

    Business growth can come with headaches, but a website that crashes and lags doesn’t have to be one of them. Our experienced partners have access to the latest technology to help things keep running smoothly, even as your site scales to meet inevitable business changes.
    Our partners provide you with sites that offer:

    Easy automation

    Publish with a click of a button, see a clear overview of your website’s performance, and maximize security to prevent potential attacks. Everything is done with ease, making it easier for publishers to focus on other areas of their business.

    Better uptimes

    The right technology is ready to handle any website, and to adjust when web pages require more complex functionality. Our partners offer industry-leading technology that maintains strong uptimes. That means you'll have fewer worries about inactive pages or site crashes, and one less thing to think about.

    Industry-leading customer service

    With our partners, you'll have access to superb customer service. And with a SODP membership, we’ll make sure all your questions are answered in a timely manner -- no more waiting days or even weeks for a response!

    Considering web hosting solutions? Here’s what to look for

    You’ve got a lot of online publishing needs to consider. Our solution providers understand the technical needs you’re considering as you look for the right web host:

    CMS built on cloud-based infrastructure

    Cloud-based web hosting will allow you to publish content in real-time, without having an effect on your page loads. It uses object caching which stores database query results in order to display results rather than sending each independent query to the database.

    Advanced page caching

    This technology reduces bandwidth consumption and ensures nothing stops the user from browsing through your website. It has a positive effect on conversions, page views, as well as the metric every publisher tries to lower: the bounce rate.

    Traffic spike price control

    If you’re a small publisher that’s still finding your ground, you may notice you’ve had a couple of days when the traffic spiked above average. A traditional web hosting service will be extremely eager to charge you a fee for that to ensure that your server doesn’t crash in case it happens again. Going with an SODP partner lets you eliminate those fees by providing publisher-friendly plans.

    Security functions

    While you can’t control the hackers, you can make sure your site is protected. However, it’s not just hackers that you need to worry about. You should also be thinking about features like role-based access control for your team members. It's a fantastic way to ensure nothing on your CMS gets leaked outside of the team that works on it. Our partners have ways to address both these needs, and other security issues you might not have considered.

    Frequently asked questions

    Web hosting is a service used by publishers to store their content and make it visible to their users. A web host company has to allocate space on their server for the publisher’s files in order to make it go live. The host company’s computer connects to your website’s server, which acts as a literal server — it displays your stored files for your visitors.

    The companies that host websites on the internet tend to rent out their services and technologies to other companies. You can access your site by typing your web address (domain name) into your web browser after it goes live through the hosting company.

    Every website requires a server to be visible, including WordPress sites. A website uses various content, including images, text, HTML, and CSS — all of it which is accessible through the server’s infrastructure. There are many hosting plans available which also depend on business plans and requirements.

    Web hosting is a service that uses a server to store and display your files to your website’s traffic.
    However, web publishing works a little differently. It involves creating a full website and its content and then publishing it on the server.

    As one can’t work without the other, they often work hand-in-hand — many web hosting solutions that cater to publishers now offer an integrated CMS (often WordPress) which allows you to publish content without needing to go through another provider.

    Web hosting is important to digital publishers because its the technical backbone for their content. There are a number of things that publishers should look for in a web host:
    – Loading times: Digital publishers should want content delivered quickly and efficiently in order to optimize their customer experience.
    – Web hosting that offers technical support: If you can find a company that offers technical support, publishers can keep their focus on developing compelling content.
    – Reliability. Publishers lose traffic any time their website goes offline. By relying on a hosting platform, they can ensure that their site stays online at all times. If there is a problem, the hosting platform’s staff are responsible for fixing issues as soon as possible to maintain service.
    – Security: The hosting service provider is responsible for the security of the site, since it is there that all files are stored. This likely means they will have good security measures in place which will protect your website from any hackers.

    A website’s bandwidth is the amount of data that is transported every time a user visits a specific page on that domain. It’s important to remember that any visual files tend to consume more of your bandwidth.
    This is an important factor to consider as higher bandwidth can affect the costs of your package. Many providers will allocate a specific bandwidth amount to each package and if you’ll want to increase your bandwidth, you’ll have to pay more. For publishers, this can create plenty of uncertainty as it’s impossible to predict whether or not they’ll be seeing a spike in their traffic — this is why working with a publisher-focused web hosting provider can have plenty of benefits when it comes to scaling your business.

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    online course

    Publisher SEO

    Learn a technical and content SEO strategy that helps digital publishers increase their organic traffic by 100-500%.

    online course

    Publisher SEO

    Learn a technical and content SEO strategy that helps digital publishers increase their organic traffic by 100-500%.