Sustainably grow your business through our header bidding partner

    Extra space on your website doesn’t have to sit empty. With the help of a best-in-brand heading bidder technology solution provider, it can become a significant income generator

    SODP has access to industry-leading heading bidding partners with functionality that lets you easily convert unused online space to an income generator. These solution providers can help you find a robust group of potential advertisers who competitively bid for impressions on your website. As bidding continues your revenue grows.

    SODP carefully chooses its partners

    SODP doesn’t partner with just anyone. Our partners know how to help businesses grow. Our partners are carefully chosen because they provide cutting-edge technology solutions paired with responsive customer service. Our partners know how to help businesses grow.

    Turning to our customer list also helps save you time finding a provider. You can narrow down your choices for service, and focus on a few strong provider possibilities instead of a large, overwhelming field with a range of qualifications and success rates.

    Even better, when you choose a partner through us, you become an SODP member with benefits that include:

    Faster response rates from your solution provider

    Personalized responses that cater to your problems

    Header bidding solutions work harder

    Previously, the only way publishers could increase their ad revenue was through the waterfall method, which left publishers with lagging revenue streams. Header bidding solutions through our partners work harder:

    Better remarketing

    Since you’re working with more header bidding partners, you’ll have a higher chance at winning high CPMs. Those tend to be reserved for remarketing purposes, in which the customer has already seen the ad once and is now going down through the sales funnel. By winning the highest CPMs ,our remarketing will have a better chance of being successful.

    More bidding points

    With header bidding, your buyers will bid for every ad impression, maximizing the value of each bid every single time. As a result, this brings them direct sales and maximum revenue.

    Increased inventory value

    On the same note of allowing buyers to see more of your ads, as you’re receiving a bid on every impression you’re increasing the value of your inventory, fill rates, and CPMs.

    Easier to implement with SODP

    Although header bidding technology may seem daunting, our partners make the strategy more manageable. They can help you to:

    Troubleshoot page latency

    Page loading timeouts can be directly linked to header bidding implementation. They'll help ensure your page latency is as minimal as possible -- with the goal of keeping it at half a second or less.

    Use wrappers to your advantage

    Through the header bidding wrapper, publishers can easily manage their demand partners and create unbiased auctions.

    Configure your ad server

    It can be time-consuming for a server to oversee the value of each bid. Your heading bidder technology provider can help you accomplish this directly, or if needed, offer a qualified referral to a specialist in this area.

    Frequently asked questions

    Client-side header bidding is all about control and monetization — it focuses on standard ad formats. When the user types in your URL, the header bidding code on the website’s header begins to send requests to the third-party platform. That’s when you start receiving bids and once the highest bidder wins, it’s passed on to your server. Then, the winner competes with your deals and once the highest bidder is selected, your server displays their ads.

    In contrast, the server-side header bidding container follows a similar concept. However, requests are being sent from a central server. You don’t need the user’s browser for the code to begin to send requests to the platform. This is more commonly referred to as open bidding.

    This completely depends on your own needs as a publisher and how much income you’re expecting to receive. It requires analyzing your current data and optimize what’s needed in order to get the most out of this solution. The server-side tends to offer the most flexibility when it comes to adding and removing the bidders, making it a preferred option.

    In short, yes. If you’re a publisher that’s looking to maximize your website’s income-generating potential, header bidding can help you avoid missing out on opportunities that can help you raise revenue.

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    Why work through SODP

    We know that header bidding is a complicated process and not just any technology provider can implement it well. But there’s no reason to give up trying. The right solution from one of our qualified partners can generate extra revenue you’re looking for to grow your business with less headache.

    We’re here to ensure you connect with the ideal provider to match your needs, and we’ll support you through the process. Join us today.

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    Learn a technical and content SEO strategy that helps digital publishers increase their organic traffic by 100-500%.

    online course

    Publisher SEO

    Learn a technical and content SEO strategy that helps digital publishers increase their organic traffic by 100-500%.