Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Singapore to keep an eye on.

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    Channel News Asia

    CNA operates in the Asian and the Australian Continent with its free to air and subscription-based services. This news sharing platform has a wide range of audiences and indulges in news analysis along with sharing the people’s perspective of the content that is indigenous to Asia. 

    The Straits Times

    Singapore Press Holdings is the owner of the Strait Times and it publishes content for Singapore, Brunei, and Myanmar via different publications. Started in early 1845, The Straits Times is one of the most influential and widespread daily newspaper publications in Singapore with its online version bagging even higher audience than the print. 

    Today Online

    Today online transformed from the print version to be distributed as an online version only and is circulated by the largest media house in the country, MediaCorp. Today Online is distributed after a subscription to the households and is available for free at the bus interchanges, malls, and MRT stations.


    This is a media company in Singapore and is also known to be one of the largest companies in the country. As a daily publication Mothership attracts millions of viewers on a daily basis and shares with the people stories that are making the headlines along with some interesting listicles. In total, Mothership has 11 websites running under its name in the country which are also popular across the globe. 

    The Online Citizen

    Since the beginning, the Online Citizen has been widely circulated across the country for and shared material and other information that is important to the citizens of Singapore. They run independent news that is not connected or association to any conformity and due to this have bagged plaudits on account of their Investigative Reporters and Editors work.

    The Smart Local

    TheSmartLocal is yet another independent online content sharing platform in Singapore which caters to the travel and lifestyle infotainment. The motive is to give the locals a perspective on what can they do when in or going out of the country for travel and leisure. Along with this, they also have one TV channel and a mobile application SNATCH sharing the same content with a wider audience.

    The Honey Combers

    Honey Combers is an online platform for guidance and information on what to do when in the country. Plus, they also share information and interesting tidbits with the mothers through HoneyKids. Honey Combers has a distinct style and infuses inspiration in the local community with their bespoke content. 

    Goody Feed

    Goody Feed is a unique content sharing portal in Singapore which informs the readers about everything that is going on. The content is shared in small-sized bites which are easier to read and allows the reader to gain necessary information during unproductive work hours. 


    SGAG is the Singaporean version of 9GAG and shares humorous content which can be uploaded by the users itself and is available for viewing in the country. SGAG is also a social media website and has a large group of followers on various other platforms.

    A list SG

    A list is an online event sharing platform which has each and everything about Arts and Culture in terms of events, stories, interviews, and other types of infotainment. It is available for all to view without any cost and also works with a subscription newsletter format.

    The Spruce

    This is a dedicated platform for everything related to furnishing your home. From Inspirational stories to DIY tips and tricks, The Spruce shares a lot of content on their online platform. The total viewership of the Spruce is 30 million per month and they also have many other dedicated websites catering to Food, Pets, Art and Crafts and Real Estate. 

    Home & Decor

    Home and Decor is a part of the SPG Magazines Pte Ltd and provides content with respect to home furnishing and decorations. On this website, the readers will get healthy tips for home preservation, renovation, and effective maintenance information. Along with this, Home and Decor enlist the best shopping items and what suggesting what to buy for your home. 


    Renovation is an online website run in New Zealand for the people and it shares everything that helps the readers with information on the best renovation designs, interior designing and also making the readers aware about the latest trends. On the digital media side, Renonation facilitates this information via their blog and other articles. 


    Houzz is an amazing website which shares information about the house renovation, architecture and interior designing, along with home improvement tips and much more. Plus, Houzz helps the visitors by connecting with the right kind of professionals and allowing them to interact with fellow house owners.

    SquareRooms SG

    SquareRooms SG is a monthly magazine that provides information to the readers on two domains of home renovations, viz styling and renovation solutions. It is a monthly magazine which is circulated and also has an online portal with readymade information on the hot topics of home renovation, DIY projects, and room specific designs.

    Her World Singapore

    Her World runs as a monthly magazine and also has an online presence. Her World is all about women and their fashion, trends, styles and much more. In Singapore and Malaysia, Her World is the first magazine to be published in the English language. Her World has also bagged the bestselling Women’s magazine in Singapore. 

    Daily Vanity

    Daily Vanity is women-focussed beauty magazine that has become one of the fastest growing digital media publications in the country. Daily Vanity has more than 5 lakh subscribers and has become the voice of everything about beauty in the country. They share authentic, practical and honest information about the beauty products, tips n tricks, other useful content.

    The Singapore Women’s Weekly

    This magazine targets the working women in Singapore and provides them with useful information and insights that are beneficial for the working women class. It publishes beauty related, professional, fashion and health-related content for a women’s personal beautification and experience satiety. 

    Teenage Singapore

    Teenage is one of the most popular magazines in Singapore that addresses Teenagers and helps them navigate to adulthood. Teenage shares with the readers all sorts of information from areas like fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and how to win in life. Teenage Singapore aims to engulf within their purview each and every teenager in the world. 

    Nylon SG

    Nylon is an interactive online magazine in Singapore that addresses the latest in the fashion world and also provides the latest news, trends, and everything else for the 21st Century generation. This magazine covers a whole lot of other aspects including travel, technology, entertainment, and whatnot. Since it has gone fully digital, Nylon SG has built up one of the strongest social media presence in the country. 

    Tripzilla Singapore

    Originally, Tripzilla is a new age online tour travel website which allows the users to book online tickets, overview destinations and much more. On the digital media side, they have a dedicated blog which provides all tips, guides, and other useful content for the readers with respect to popular destinations and other places.

    Aspirant SG

    Aspirant SG is an online blog and digital media platform which caters to a specific audience viz professionals, managers, executives, and business owners. It covers the areas of lifestyle, travel, and food for its more than 500 thousand readers every month. Today Aspirant SG is owned by The Influencer Media and has become one of the top 4 travel blogs in the country. 

    The Occasional Traveler

    The Occasional Traveler is an online blog written by Jaclynn Seah who is a travel frenzy working professional and wishes to share her experiences with fellow working professionals. The motive of writing this blog is to inspire the readers to go out and travel more only to realize that there is much more to life than just work. 

    Lightfoot Travel

    Lightfoot Travel is an online luxury and corporate level tour operator allowing the users to book and provide the relevant information to the users. They also run an online magazine which provides all kinds of information about a plethora of cities and destinations across the globe. This includes the best places to eat, what to do lists, best destinations and much more. 


    It is a kind of travel blog but which caters to a luxury lifestyle and shares the important and insightful bits with the high-end travelers. From the best airliners in the world to which are the best villas for hire in a city, Wanderluxe is run by The Luxe Nomad and the content is shared by fellow luxe nomads residing in various locations. 

    MTV Asia

    Owned by Viacom International Media Networks, MTV Asia is a dedicated music TV channel. In Singapore, MTV Asia runs as an English channel after Viacom’s association with local broadcasters and network operators. MTV Asia airs the best of the music industry and also airs reviews and interviews with music personalities. 


    Clicknetwork.tv is the property of Munkysuperstar Pictures Pte Ltd. and operates as an online video streaming service in Singapore which was set up in 2007. The content available on the platform is original and based on topics like lifestyle humor and reality. It also has a mobile application and the Youtube channel of Clicknetwork has the highest number of subscribers in the country. 

    The Hive Asia

    Hive Asia is an entertainment and lifestyle based website which shares everything that is good about the Asian and international events. The website is useful to get information on the best food places, cafes, trends, and much more that makes a region famous and an exciting place for the visitors. More than this, The Hive publishes interviews with celebrities and other famous personalities on their platform. 

    Night Owl Cinematics

    This is a Singapore based production company which produces and shares original content revolving around the subjects of comedy, travel, food, and lifestyle. NOC also has a rich Youtube presence where it has more than 900 thousand subscribers and has accumulated hundreds of millions of views for the videos they have shared. 


    Popspoken is an online portal for everything related to art and culture in Singapore, Asia and also has an international presence. Majorly, Popspoken provides information about entertainment and lifestyle that is targeted at all types of audiences both national and international. 

    Hungry Go Where

    Hungry Go Where is a typical food website which provides reviews and insights on various restaurants in the city. Started as an individual website, Hungry Go Where is today owned by Singapore Telecommunications Limited. It also has video content, culinary guides and a huge amount of user reviews about various types of cuisines and restaurants.

    Lady Iron Chef

    Lady Iron Chef is a kind of personal blog by Brad Lau, a local turned internationally acclaimed food blogger and with this website blog he tends to share his experiences about his travel, food that he eats and much more for the readers. Today this Singapore based blog is competing with the leading organization operated food blogs and websites.


    Yelp is an online digital media platform where users can read and write reviews about local market places in the city. In this site, users can get information about the locality and nearby locations of shops and prices. Moreover, they also list the details of the services number and website of the shops as well. Moreover, they also operate an online reservation service named yelp reservation where you can book and reserve seats at restaurants and movies.

    Eat Book

    Eat Book is an innovative food blog which has a huge Facebook following and is known to provide honest video reviews about the best eating places and what to eat in the city. Eat Book has become more famous because of their reviews and interactive customer addressing style which has grabbed for them, loyal followers. 

    Miss Tam Chiak

    Miss Tam Chiak through its huge coverage of the local food from Singapore and from across the world brings to the readers the true meaning of cuisine and makes the readers understand why it is indigenous to that place. With more than 1 million page views every month, Miss Tam Chiak has become another one of the most widespread and famous blogs in the country.


    Hardware Zone is a review, forum and informational website that provides its unique set of readers with the best and explanatory reviews about the new IT hardware products. It also has a hot topics and forum sections for the readers to share their views and issues with any kind of IT based product. 

    Tech in Asia

    Tech in Asia is an online digital media company dedicated to providing true to the word information to the readers and also hosts events in the Technology domain. Tech in Asia is an expert in providing news analysis, latest tidbits and much more about the tech world to the readers. 

    Vulcan Post

    The Vulcan Post is an online publication that targets the Millennials and Generation Z with the type of content and information that they share. Mostly, Vulcan Post covers topics from the Internet, lifestyle, online shopping, travel, relationships and much more. The Vulcan post has a subscriber base of more than 500,000 readers and it has a daily visitation of more than 120,000 from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

    E27 Singapore

    e27 is a startup focussed technology blog which has become a go-to source for everything related to a starting a startup. This online blog started as an attempt to track the budding Singapore tech startups, but today it has become one of the most influential and important tools for everyone who is looking for information, talent, funding and other kinds of resources to launch their own startup. 

    NXT Singapore

    NXT Singapore is an online publication that is making it easy for the reader to understand the technology behind every gadget that they like. It provides crucial and important insights in an easy to understand language doing away with all the technical jargon. Today it has become a leading title in this segment and helps the readers know the truth about their favorite gadgets. 

    Business Times

    Owned by the Singapore Press Holdings, this is a dedicated financial and business news daily print and online publication. The Business Times brings forth information from areas like Politics, corporate, financial, economic and other related subjects. They delve into a deep analysis of the latest news and events from these areas for the readers which today stands at more than 50,000. Along with the daily paper, there are three magazines distributed alongside periodically which address the wealth, entrepreneurship and luxury lifestyle. 

    Business Insider

    Business Insider is a part of Insider Inc. and is published for various countries from across the world. The Singapore Business Insider edition covers the financial, money and other business related topics from inside the country and around the globe. Along with this, Business Insider also covers tech life and the latest news that is of interest for the citizens of Singapore.

    Singapore Business Review

    This is a business-oriented magazine that shares and reviews the dynamics of Singapore’s business world. This magazine has the top business brass at its target and reaches them in top companies of the country and shapes their thoughts, influences the decision making with its authoritative information and proactive understanding of the economy. The print magazine version is published twice a month whereas the online platform is updated on a daily basis providing the latest and important insights to the readers everyday. 

    SG Investors

    SG Investors is an impartial aggregator of the voices of different analysts, news channels, investment professionals and bloggers plus the social media only to present the accumulative picture for the readers on the website. They help future investors to make informed decisions after considering the views of financial analysts and investment bloggers which are an important part of their platform.


    Eco-Business, as a digital media company aims to build a sustainable future. With the help of their useful insights and research-based content, they serve the future and upcoming cities, businesses, and community, in turn, provoking them to adopt the best and sustainable practices. Via the website Eco-business.com, they strive to provide the latest news from the cleantech and sustainable business community. This also includes the top stories from across the globe, feature articles, in-depth analysis and much more. 

    Money Smart

    Money Smart is majorly a comparison website that helps the users understand and compare the different types of loans, insurance, and credit card plans. Money Smart simplifies the money decisions and allows the user to understand a product before they could avail it. Money Smart started as a single website and today it has changed into the Money Smart Group and reaching out to more than 100 million people. 

    Dollars & Sense

    Dollars&Sense takes a comprehensive view of all kinds of money matters and financial decisions taken by every day Singaporean. They share finance-related topics and other informational content that covers the subjects of insurance, investment, trading, property, savings, pension, and other relevant tax policies. 

    Money Digest

    Money Digest is an interactive financial platform for the common man who wants to make the most out of every dollar they earn. Money Digest shares the crucial information ranging from almost all the financial topics and along with this, they provide useful tips and tricks for the readers which helps them plan their budget smartly and optimally. 

    Dr. Wealth

    Dr. Wealth is like an educational institution which teaches the individuals to take smart and informed financial decisions. They provide actionable intelligence to the members which help the individuals to take smart investment related decisions only to earn good returns. Dr. Wealth also has its own mobile application which further enhances the customer experience and brings them closer to financial intelligence. 

    SG Money Matters

    The SG Money Matters is a personal blog from the financial niche and is run by Ivan Guan who is a financial expert. Through this blog, Ivan aims to help people realize the true potential of making smart investment related decisions and also help them realize the aim of early retirement. Ivan breaks down the real meaning of the financial technical jargon and answers the complex questions in a simple language that is easy to understand. 

    Men’s Health

    Published by SPH Magazines, the Men’s Health magazine is the go-to source for everything related to men’s health, fitness, fashion, style, trends, grooming, and sex. There are articles, blogs, guides, video tutorials and much more on this platform to help men have a clear understanding of all these topics and also leverage from the expert guidance. Men’s Health is today published in 47 countries and has 40 different editions. 


    Shape is an online magazine that acts as a complete guide for the mind and the body. It has on the platform informative and intellectual thought-provoking articles, guides, blogs and much more to help women adopt the best practices which keep their body fit and also helps them live a healthy life. Shape is an American owned and SPH Publication with a cumulative readership of more than 50,000 people in Singapore alone, plus it has 15 global editions. 


    Bodybuilding is a dedicated website for all those individuals who are looking to groom themselves into a healthy individual. It shares knowledgeable articles, insights and other related information which makes the whole process of bodybuilding a fun exercise rather than being a rigorous practice. The readership of this online publication has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2012.


    Active8me is like a personal trainer for the individuals and shares necessary insights for growing into a healthy body and mind. The online website offers courses and other programs to make you fit. On the digital media front, they have a blog section which provides the users with essential knowledge about fitness, nutrition, healthy mind, inspiration in life. This service is also available through the mobile application which uses real-time tracking for your body activity. 

    Yoga Journal SG

    Yoga Journal is a one-stop solution for everything related to Yoga. This is a sort of personal blog which explains the different concepts of Yoga and how best to practice for better results. Yoga Journal SG is a subscription-based online magazine reaching out to all the Yoga enthusiasts in the country and also has an international audience to look forward to. 

    The Asian Parent

    The Asian Parent is the most expansive guide on parenting in the South East Asia region and provides crucial and actionable intelligence for the parents or to-be parents. As an online community of more than 540,000 moms, the Asian Parent has 3.9 million page views in a month. 

    Kiasu Parents

    Kiasu parents is a smart website that provides a platform for the parents to share their views and allows the other to gain the required information from them. Kiasu is best for those parents whose children are under the age of 16 and want to inquire about the best schools, and all sorts of parenting questions. 

    Little Day Out

    Little day out is a parenting and family dedicated website which provides news, stories, and shares all kinds of important and fun information about what to do in Singapore with the family. It lists the best places to visit with the family, collective activities, and also provides insights about taking out school trips and much more. Published by the Big Little Company, Little Day Out also provides a free newsletter to subscribers. 

    Honey Kids Asia

    Honey Kids Asia is an online platform which helps parents tackle the essential make or break decision when it comes to parenting. They help the parents in choosing the right school for the kids, in finalizing what should the kid wear to a party, along with sharing information on the eating habits, styling, travel, and whatnot. 


    Skoolopedia is like an encyclopedia for the parents in Singapore and helps them to decide which is the best school, preschool, child care center, and enrichment program for their child. Along with this, they provide a medium for the parents to share their views and have discussions with each other. 

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