Top Digital Media Companies in San Diego

Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in San Diego to keep an eye on.

Southland Publishing: This publishing group is working out of US cities and is headquartered in Pasadena. Within these cities, Southland Publishing brings to the customers everything about the region and locality. The content variety ranges between weekly newspapers, monthly magazines, and affiliative websites. 

San Diego Magazine: Born and Brought up in San Diego, this magazine is dedicated to this city. The San Diego Magazine revolves around the lifestyle, entertainment, sports, art and culture and everything else about the city. Among the most preferred segments of this magazine are it’s biannual and exclusive spin-off magazines for weddings. People coming to visit San Diego or who want to know the unknown about this city, plus the local folklore, everybody loves the San Diego Magazine. 

The San Diego Union Tribune: This is one of the largest and one of the oldest digital media companies in San Diego. The San Diego Union Tribune has a large portfolio of services spanning from daily newspapers to journals and magazines. Along with winning  Pulitzer in all of its years of news reporting, The San Diego Union Tribune is known to more than 96% of the population of the city. 

Songo Media: Songo Media uses the potential digital media to help the existing and new businesses scale to newer heights. Songo Media leverages the reach of social media and other methods and tools of the digital world to devise bespoke development strategies for the companies. 

Tegna: A broadcaster and a digital media company, Tegna is an amazingly fast-developing media organization spreading its wings all around the US. As a digital publishing house, Tegna excels in journalism and investigation of the truth. As a Broadcasting company, Tegna houses a large consumer base where they have an outreach of around 50 million viewership in the country. 

Novelty Media: Novelty Media first recognizes what the customers desire and then connect the dots to develop and strategize what to publish and how. Their developed content is engaging and has the power to grasp the imagination of the reader. Majorly, Novelty Media works in the field of Video Promotions and Sponsored Editorials. 


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