Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in London to keep an eye on.

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    ITV Plc

    Established after a merger in 2004, ITV is one of the largest TV network operators in the country with up to 15 TV stations. ITV is a media company which is often referred to as an Integrated Producer & Broadcaster. They are creating, and distributing their own content which spans from across the niche like sports, news, reality TV, and other video content for the worldwide population. ITV Plc also runs the largest commercial channel in the country with a subscriber base of 5 million viewers. 


    World’s largest (by employee strength) and oldest, the British Broadcasting Company has a global audience and was set up by a Royal Charter in 1922. BBC is known to produce, create and distribute non-partisan and unbiased content all throughout the globe. BBC Studios which is a part of the parent company is an award-winning production house responsible for entertaining the audiences with bespoke audio and visual content.


    Reuters is one of the largest international news reporting and sharing organization on Earth. The Reuters Media division distributes stories and content in up to 12 languages and is known to set high standards of authentic and professional news reporting. Reuters.com, Reuters TV and Thomson Reuters Desktops collectively reach out to more than 1 billion readers on a daily basis and influence their opinion. 

    News Corp UK

    Owner of the dailies like The Sun, The Sunday Times, TLS, Unruly and Wireless, News Corp UK has a huge customer strength in the UK alone. Each of their papers has thier own distinct motive and identity with which they share information and amazing content with the readers. News UK is known to always stay closer to the hearts of the readers. All in all, News UK is an entertainer, an informer, a storyteller, a literary thinker and with all this, they tend to make magic with their content. 

    Sky UK Ltd

    The British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television merged to become Sky UK and today it serves millions of people by showing the original content. Sky UK is owned by Comcast and has a paid subscriber base of more than 11 million. Sky UK is known to produce and distribute entertaining, responsible, creative and customer-focused content from all of their platforms spread in various countries. 


    Euromoney is the part of a group which focuses on the international financial industry. Listed on the London Stock Exchange this print and online magazine reaches out to thousands of readers and helps them gain insights into the health of financial markets from across the globe. Euromoney is also a pioneer in developing surveys and annual reports on different finance subjects. 

    The Guardian

    The Guardian has been reporting to the people of the UK since 1821 and today this Guardian Media Group owned print and online publication has a customer base of more than 23 million. The operator of world famous news publications like ‘News of the World’, The Guardian is also known to expose several scams and scandals, for which it has also won the Newspaper of the Year awards 4 times. The Guardian is an expert in all types of news reporting starting from sports, business all the way to opinion. 

    Haymarket Media Group

    This is a private media company in the UK and has a business in publishing and distributing online plus print content. They are one of the responsible journalism organizations and their aim is to unfurl the truth behind fake news and fact making. This media group has award-winning journalists and content creators who are driven by their passion to uncover the reality behind every story. The major sectors served by this group include finance, business, agriculture, energy, and environment. 

    Future Plc

    Future Plc is a technology-driven media company which creates its own high-quality content with the help of innovative methods. They work with brands like tech radar, T3, Tom’s hardware, and much more. In total, Future Plc shares tech related and gaming plus other sorts of information through their 50+ magazines. Future Plc basically specializes in B2B and consumer sectors and are known to connect with more than 260 million people daily. 

    TI Media

    TI media is an investigative magazine working in the UK and publishes content ranging from lifestyle, decor, sports to infotainment and everything in between. TI media has over 40 different brands which are distributed to the readers through phone, desktop, tablet and print media. 


    Ascential is a pioneer in B2B reporting and information sharing which helps readers understand the latest in the business world and helps them implement the new strategies. With their actionable insights into the business industry, Ascential helps businesses connect with similar firms from across the globe and help them overcome all sorts of challenges. 

    Bauer Media Group

    Bauer Media is Australia’s driving multi-platform publisher, with investments crossing magazines, digital and live experiences. The portfolio of Bauer Media combines some of the country’s longest-running and most thriving brands. Bauer Media also provides news on its website. The company has many advertising solutions that meet the company’s market share and profit maximizing objectives. It focuses on the brands, ad specs, insights, commercial content, case studies, solutions, and news. In total, Bauer Media published and circulates 600 magazines, has more than 50 radio stations under its kitty and has some best selling magazines across the UK and Australia. 

    Immediate Media Company

    The Immediate Media Co. is has a vast portfolio of over 70+ magazines and 50 websites all of which are fully responsive to be viewed on all the platforms. The most important and widespread magazine by this group is Radio Times which generates more than 60% of the company’s profits. More importantly, Immediate Media Company is also a part of the BBC via BBC magazines. 

    Economist Group

    The Economist Group is the proud owner of the international finance and business magazine The Economist. Their content coverage spans from understanding market trends and sharing dynamic market intelligence with the readers. They analyze, understand and then share the crucial insights with the readers in a responsible and objective manner. 

    Reach Plc

    Reach Plc has surpassed every other publication house to become the largest publisher in the UK. Collectively all the brands under this company reach more than 40 million people and help shape their opinions. Some of the best publications of Reach Plc include the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Mail and the Daily Record. 

    Northern & Shell

    Northern & Shell is a multimedia company which recently sold its TV station to Viacom and a few newspaper titles to Reach Plc. In principle, today Northern & Shell operates as a property development group and has shown interest in the development of startups and other ventures. 


    Archant has a wide customer base of 6.4 million readers and own & published magazines, daily newspapers and are associated with another 140 online brands. Out of the many magazines published by the group, its lifestyle and other region focused magazines are the largest in the UK. Via its various brands, Archants covers almost everything related to a human being, starting from kids life to investment decisions and everything in between.


    Newsquest Media Group is known to be the second largest publication group in the country with a portfolio of 165 news publications and 40 magazines. In total, Newsquest shares their content with 30 million online users and 6 million print media readers. Newsquest aims to reach out to the remotest part of the country and help people share their stories with the world. 

    DMG Media

    Owned by the DMGT Group, DMG Media is the proud owner and publisher of Daily Mail since the 19th Century. The DMG Media group has a customer reach out of 55% of the country’s population and have newspapers, websites plus mobile applications to their name. DMG Media is known to leverage the latest tech and innovations that allow them to address their customers in a new and better way. 

    Telegraph Media Group

    The Telegraph Media Group has been sharing news and other sorts of content with the UK demography since the last 160 years. Through their thought-provoking stories and reporting the Telegraph Media Group wishes to spark intellectual debates across all the sectors. This group has bagged several awards due to their insightful reporting in The Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph. 


    Hearst Communications is named as one of the largest online publishing houses based out of NYC. Hearst operates through news tabloids, online tools TV channels, and magazines. Along with this, Hearst also has operations in the financial sector where they are ruling the industry with brands like Fitch Ratings and First Databank. 

    Tortoise Media

    Tortoise Media works a distinct approach to journalism and news reporting where they believe in detailed news sharing that helps people understand the truth behind the curtains. They have print media versions as well have a mobile application for their news sharing and reporting. Tortoise Media publishes content spanning from lifestyle, business, finance, and cultural identity. 

    Computer Weekly

    Computer Weekly is a technology-focused news website that shares and informs the readers about what’s latest in the tech world. The difference lies in the manner and strategy adopted by Computer Weekly to address the readers. They strike at in-depth analysis of all the issues and trends of technology. The goal of Computer Weekly is to help IT professionals strategize and help them take the right decisions. 

    Dennis Publishing

    Dennis Publishing a grand magazine and online content publishing media company. They strive to address their audiences with new information in an innovative and engaging style. The aim is to become a dynamic publishing house. Their journey to become of the best publishing house in the country germinates from the core values to provide the readers with authentic and thought-provoking information. This has led Dennis Publishing to win several awards for their information sharing and style.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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