Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Bangalore to keep an eye on.

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    ESPN is a joint venture of Walt Disney and Hearst Communications. Basically, it is a paid TV channel which broadcasts different sports live matches, events, news, analysis and much more. ESPN has also become one of the most successful and widely watched sports TV channel in the world. 

    9X Media

    9X Media is everything about Music. In total, it has 6 music TV channels broadcasting in the country and each of them caters to a different genre or culture of music. Along with Music, 9X Media, today also runs entertainment shows on their channels which have the background of the music industry.


    TV9 is a dedicated news channel which broadcasts in specific regions including Kannada, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telugu among others. It reports and broadcasts live news from the respective along with showcasing the breaking national news on the TV channel for their regional and national audience. 

    India Today

    India Today is owned by the Living Media India Limited Group and it is a bi-weekly magazine mostly covering the important news incidents in the country. This publication offers an in-depth analysis of the major events from the economic, political, business, technology and the lifestyle areas. India Today also has an online publication by the name of DailyO. 

    Sun TV Network

    The Sun TV media group owns Sun TV Network and has made it the largest TV network group in Asia. With its 33 TV channels, the Sun TV Network is credited to reach the cumulative population more than 95 million households. These channels also have an international presence.

    Times Now

    The Times Now is the part of Times Group and is known to be one of the most authoritative and authentic news information sharing TV channel in the country. Times Now shares and analysis live events that are of interest to the common man and in this manner, it is shaping their thoughts and making each and everybody face the real picture and the truth behind the facade. 

    ABP News

    Formerly known as the STAR News, the ABP News is today owned by the ABP Group and is a Hindi news channel. The news channel runs 24*7 broadcasting the stories and news from across the country and prioritizing them as per the importance and the expanse of the population it affects. 

    News Karnataka

    Started as a regional and Kannada only news website, the Newskarnataka.com was born out of the need to provide the readers with an English version of their quality rich and honest content. Newskarnataka.com runs into a deep analysis of the latest and most prominent news stories from India and the World. 

    Bangalore Mirror

    Bangalore Mirror is owned by Bennet, Coleman and Co. Ltd and it is an online publication catering to the city of Bangalore and also the country. The Bangalore Mirror is set apart by the unique way of its reporting and news sharing which invokes a  new line of thinking in the readers. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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