NewsWhip today announces the integration of Snapchat content into its platform. The partnership will bring a never-before-seen look into Snapchat content to a NewsWhip Spike user’s fingertips.

Social media seems to move at the speed of light. Publishers and communicators are constantly seeking new ways keep up with the tidal wave of content from users, and the latest topics and events catching their interest.

“Snapchat’s cameras are now used by more than 190 million people globally, regularly creating the most valuable user-generated content during breaking news situations, major sporting or entertainment events, or other cultural moments,” said Rahul Chopra, Head of Stories Everywhere at Snap Inc.

For reaching a wider audience, Snapchat is a key piece of the puzzle. On average, 3 billion Snaps are created every day and 10 billion mobile videos are now viewed daily on Snapchat. According to Pew Research, 78 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds use Snapchat, and 71 percent of these users visit the platform multiple times per day.

NewsWhip’s newest partnership unlocks the unique power of Snapchat. Says Brett Lofgren, NewsWhip’s President of North America, “With millions of events breaking daily across multiple platforms, journalists and other creative influencers need NewsWhip’s prediction tools to discover which stories really matter. Prior to today, nobody’s had access to this level of Snapchat content, so these creators have been missing the stories and events that matter to an entire generation.”

Snapchat’s Story Kit will be integrated into NewsWhip Spike. The data will be presented through a social search tool, providing a window into what’s happening on Snapchat. Spike users will be able to:

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  • See how today’s top events have been covered on Snapchat
  • Explore rich media from eyewitnesses at the scene of an event
  • See what celebrities, politicians, and all official accounts are doing on Snapchat
  • See what people are saying (snapping) about a given Topic, Event, or Trend

The feature will be live in NewsWhip Spike by the end of August. NewsWhip Spike customers will have access to this data.

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