In this module, we will discover the current strategic shift in SEO from keywords to topics. Topic pillar strategies are an answer to this change and they provide a framework for content development that we can follow to increase our SEO performance.

We will see what are topic pillars and clusters and what’s their strategic importance in the new SEO landscape. We will also learn to identify which topics to target with a topic pillar page and how to create an effective topic pillar. We will also see how existing taxonomies in a website can be leveraged to be transformed into topic pillars.

Cluster content complements and expands on the content developed in the pillar page. We will see how to identify cluster content and develop it.

Content pillar pages need to be promoted as well. We will explore the ski slope strategy for pillar page promotion and how to execute it successfully.

And finally, we will provide an introduction to conduct proper content governance over the content pillar and cluster content pages: how to evaluate the need for maintenance and actions we can take.


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